Brian Bonar and his Career Accomplishments

Before moving to the United States many years ago, Brian Bonar had spent his entire life in Scotland. He even schooled in the best schools in the United Kingdom. Among the things that Brian Bonar holds dear to his heart are entrepreneurship and the love for the hotel industry. Those who know him as a hotelier know him for his time with Tango restaurant located in North County. He later changed this restaurant to Bellamy and managed to change the fortunes of this company by hiring the staff of another restaurant called El Bizcocho. He took the opportunity of the announcement that El Bizcocho was reducing their workforce. This is the way Brian Bonar works and operates. He has mastered the art of taking an opportunity of other people’s shortcomings.As a financial expert, Brian Bonar is known for his involvement with Trucept Incorporated and Dalrada Corporation.

These are two companies that are based in the United States where he has served as the president and the chief executive officer. The skills he currently possesses is as a result of the education he received as a young man. His success can also be attributed to the choices he has made in his entire life. The technical background he possesses is from his time at James Watt Technical College where he specialized in Technical Engineering. During his time at this institution, not only did he master some technical education but he also mastered how to create successful business structures and strategies. After completing his studies at the undergraduate levels, he took opportunities at several institutions before deciding to further his education. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the prestigious Stafford University.

The first company that Brian Bonar founded was a company known as Bezier Systems. However, he has worked with other institutions before establishing this company such as IBM where he held the position of procurement manager. He has also worked with QMS Engineering where he acted as the director of engineering for several years. This is an opportunity that shaped his leadership skills as he used to manage a group of over 100 people.His peers consider him as a professional who has the ability to combine architectural skills with ingenuity. He is also known for his attention to details. Among the specialties that he specializes with are mergers and acquisitions. During his illustrious career, Brian Bonar has handled hundreds of mergers. This, on the other hand, has earned him an award known as Who’s Who Financial Executive of the Year. With this award, he has managed to scoop the award twice. Among the things that he does on his free time include golfing, boat riding and spending some quality time with his family.