Boraie Development on a Makeover of New Jersey

When Omar Boraie decided to invest in real estate in New Jersey, many people thought he had embarked on a path of failure. New Jersey was still deserted after the 1968 race riots that ravaged it. The presence of the manufacturers, Johnson and Johnson, encouraged him to go on with this venture.

In 1972, he began buying neglected land on Albany Street. The first development was Albany Street Plaza Tower One that he completed in 1988. Tower Two followed in 2003, after which, there came the residential One Spring Street condominium in New Brunswick. The towers offer executive office space while Spring Street is a residential complex.

The newest development by Boraie Development in New Brunswick is The Aspire. This is a seventeen-story luxury living area covering 370,000 square feet, which houses two hundred and thirty-eight luxury resident houses. It also has a retail area, 10,000 square feet, and a four-story parking lot for the occupants. It is close to the New Brunswick’s train station that directly accesses Manhattan and Philadelphia.

Omar Boraie, the president of Boraie Development, moved to the US from Egypt to study for his Ph.D. He developed an interest in real estate, and he founded Boraie Development in 1983. His three children, Sam, Waseem, and Hiam, are his partners in the firm.

Boraie Development deals with real estate development, management of real estate projects, and sales and marketing real estates. It has employed about thirty-five workers, and it has its offices at the Albany Street Tower, New Jersey.

The success of the firm is attributed to the network of strong financial institutions that the firm works with. It is financed by private capital sources such as established commercial banks and its funds.

It also contracts highly qualified and experienced architects, including those involved in the construction of buildings owned by President Donald Trump in New York. They work to develop projects that are attractive to residents, tenants, and financiers.

Boraie Development has transacted more than $150 million from selling residential and commercial properties. Clients prefer them because they offer superior services such as continued physical maintenance on buildings, leasing, customer care services, marketing, and administration. Check out their website

The developments by Boraie in New Brunswick are a huge attraction for professionals such as lecturers, firefighters, teachers, doctors, professors and police officers. The units attract these people and the organizations they work for.

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