Review of the New EOS, Vegan Flavors

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, came into the lip balm market about seven years ago. When these lip balms hit the shelves of local drugstore and supermarkets, people could not get enough! Beauty and fashion magazines raved about the colorful packaging and tasty flavors. When celebrities were spotted on social media using them, the world went crazy for them!

According to, the concept of the egg-shaped package was a way to get customers to use all five of their sense while using the lip balms. EOS also wanted to make a product that would be priced perfectly for any budget. When the lip balms were first released, they were priced at $3 in order to compete with others in the lip balm market.  Once EOS discovered just how popular they had become, they started to focus more on making a connection with their customers. Hurry and buy here at!

Part of the connection that EOS has made is by using all-natural and organic ingredients, never testing on animals, and now releasing a completely vegan line of products. There are two vegan crystal flavors: Hibiscus Peach and vanilla Orchid. These products are made with jojoba oil and vitamin E. By avoiding the use of beeswax, EOS has now opened their market to vegans who could not buy their lip balms before.

After trying the new vegan flavors, the results are in! Both flavors of EOS lip balm make the lips feel incredibly soft and smooth without the use of petrolatum, read more. EOS will plan on making new vegan flavors, but so far these two have been a huge hit with their users.

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Get The Rich Glow Of EOS Lip Balm

How serious is beauty to you? Do you want all-natural products and most retailers push the traditional brands with all the hard to read ingredients? The EOS brand gives their customers the opportunity to indulge in a unique brand with essential oil and vitamins says You can give the soft skin on your lips therapy with completely organic ingredients. Hydrate your skin with one of the too brands in the industry for under $5, purchase here on That’s right; EOS products are priced for all budgets, but you may have seen your favorite celebrity wearing it or pulling it from their designer bag or camera.

Their containers are cute and designed to be easy to find at the bottom of your cluttered purse. Believe it or not, they design their lip balm containers with their customers in mind, click here. For example, their new Crystal line comes in a see through container which is a must have when you’re looking for protection and cute. Don’t miss a great opportunity to find other organic products from their grandfather brand Evolution of Smooth. You can find descriptive products like body butter, lotion, and shaving cream. Join the exclusive EOS lip balm family and find the unique flavor and scent to help accent and protect your lips.

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Why Highland Capital Management Expect The Healthcare Industry To Outperform Over The Next Year

Highland Capital Management, L.P., is a global financial services company that has helped many people and institutions diversify their investments and achieve financial success. The types of assets they allow people to invest in are diverse and range from a focus on the healthcare industry to emerging markets to distressed and special situations. They also have deep experience in real estate, high yield credit, other structured products, and long/short equity. Visit to know more.

Highland Capital Management, based in Dallas, Texas, has achieved many awards over the years including the top executives working for it. Among these are their winning the Credit Flux Manager Awards of the year for 2015, the 2011 Rising Star of Mutual Funds as handed out by Institutional Investor, and the Alt Credit Intelligence US Performance Award of 2016 from Credit Intelligence among many others.


It was in 1993 that Highland Capital Management was founded. The entities that founded it were an insurance firm alongside Mark Okada and James Dondero, two individual with deep experience in the financial market. Several years later Dondero and Okada bought out the insurance company’s interest and now wholly own this vast privately held company. The early success that propelled Highland Capital Management was CLOs (Collateralized Loan Obligations) which this company was a pioneer in.

In a recent interview on CNBC, Mark Okada said that the global economy looks like a Goldilocks situation as he can see. This means that it all feels just right instead of too cold or too hot. His company is presently focused on the healthcare industry as a sector that will increase in value as opposed to other industries. This is in no small part due to healthcare companies coming up with new pain relievers that will replace the current opioids, much of which are being heavily abused. As new pain relievers come on the market he and others at Highland Capital Management expect profits to rise at many healthcare industry companies. Read more about Highland Capital at

Stream Energy Plans to Empower Women With Innovative Approach

Stream Energy is a direct selling organization that provides connected life and energy services across the nation. Stream just had its 4th yearly Women of Power Retreat. The retreat, held in Dallas, TX (the company’s head office), was started back in 2010. It is meant to offer motivation and connection to mentors for female associates of the company while they seek to be more successful in their company and start their own businesses.

Each year has a special theme, mixing it up and offering unique value. This year’s theme is “Shine.” According to a representative of the company, “Shine” is all about allowing women to focus on the power of confidence and being their true selves. They hope this will inspire the associates and other women they come in contact with to become true women of power by focusing on the talents that set them apart.


Well-known speakers are a cornerstone of these events. Nicole Lapin, a famous news personality, and best selling author were there this year. In addition, business expert Karen Leland and corporate wellness expert Melissa Mark Garner offered their insights.


These retreats center around building up confidence for women and teaching them valuable skills while connecting with like-minded mentors. For instance, courses like “How to Be Your Own Boss” are among the most popular events. Other titles focus on personal branding, digital marketing, direct selling, and even mindfulness exercises for a well-rounded approach to success. The end goal is to have women walking away with a renewed energy and confidence to become true women of power.


About Stream Energy


Stream is a direct selling company that offers integrated life services. These services vary from energy, protection, wireless, and home services. They specialize in relieving the stress of staying in touch with loved ones for busy people. The company was founded in 2005 in Dallas. They have revolutionized the energy market offering innovative ways to offer value to consumers in their 12 years.


Since their inception, Stream Energy has grown quickly to become the dominant company in their market with $8 billion in revenue and counting. The tireless work ethic of the company has spurred growth beyond Texas into other states: Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Georgia, and Illinois.


George Soros is not a Liberal Boogeyman that Stalks the Earth

Many conservative and traditional organizations do not like George Soros. They do not like the way that he provides funding for many liberal and leftist causes that challenge their way of life. The traditional parties are irritated by how he helps to support various factions and social movements with nontraditional views.

Conservatives do not like Soros because his money causes them to lose important influence and social ground. In the minds of the right-wing conservatives, Soros is a liberal boogeyman who is responsible for every failed conservative agenda.

Soros is an extremely rich man, but he certainly is not responsible for every failed conservative policy or ideology. Like most people, the right has to demonize a person. George Soros has become their go to guy for this type of process. Soros is nothing like his conservative critics make him out to be. He is not some unseen puppet master pulling the strings of every liberal organization on the planet.

People have to realize that George Soros is deeply concerned about people on this planet. He knows how controlling and domineering traditional government can be within a society. He also realizes that conservative social groups can also limit the progress of minorities, immigrants and people who live a different cultural lifestyle.

In October of 2017, George Soros gave a whopping $18 billion dollars to his Open Society Foundation. This donation by George Soros made him one of the top 5 philanthropists in the world. Once again, this is no small feat for a person to accomplish. Soros wants to ensure that the world stays free and open to democracy and liberalism.

Democracy and liberalism are two important components for any society. Without these social norms the world would be a more dangerous place to exist. Tyranny exists in many places and it is easy for traditional power structures to control and exploit the masses. Soros does not want this to happen at all. This is why giving to the Open Society Foundation is so important.

Soros’s $18 billion-dollar donation is groundbreaking. It will help his organization to reach the $30 billion-dollar mark. This type of donation is crucial with future projects for Open Society Foundation. This amount of money will be used to help fund future projects that will keep the cause of liberalism strong and vibrant. Now, that you know what Soros does with his money; does he sound like a boogeyman to you?

In closing, George Soros is no boogeyman. He is a just a man who has the sense to know that societies need his contributions. His work is able to fund many liberal organizations that would simply fall to the wayside without his help. Soros is a great man, who take his philanthropic contributions seriously. After all, he money is able to make the world a more fair and balanced place. You can find out more about Soros on the Open Society Foundation website.

The Accomplishments of Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a doctor as well as a businessman. The entrepreneur was born in Brazil and is of the Brazilian descent. The businessman founded a hospital network known as the D’or. The hospital is a private one and is ranked one of the largest facilities in Brazil. The cardiologist’s Institute of research has revolutionized the healthcare in Brazil.


The treatment involving patients has been improved through his hospital. The healthcare in the world has progressed through the innovations that have been conducted on various equipment (GloboPlay). The technology that has been improved in the health sector has greatly improved the industry. New horizons in the health sector have advanced since many individuals have improved the new technology.


An individual normally feels relieved after doing some chores. This is because the muscles have been relaxed and there is free circulation of blood into their system. The system of an individual is usually relaxed when some chores are done. Jorge Moll is ranked among the greatest individuals in the health sector.


Jorge Moll”s expertise is evident from the way he has conducted his research. The scientist has made a great discovery between health and volunteering. A research was conducted in 2015 on Brazilians. From the research, it was discovered that twenty -eight percent of the population have done some voluntary work.


Young people have actively engaged themselves in the voluntary work ( The young individuals’ ratings were rated at seventy-two percent. The individuals had few resources in their lives and that is why they volunteered. Other individuals had little education which could not sustain them in other departments. Jorge Moll advocates for volunteering during the festive period.


Jorge Moll actively participated in the signing of the union between the schools teaching health courses and the institutions offering the course. The courses would be provided to the students through the OCRA method. The OCRA School is one of a kind having been licensed to provide education to the students. The institution has the goal of providing education to the students.


The OCRA association offers certification courses with individuals having to undertake three courses in order to be recognized internationally. The students benefit in some courses by getting books.


Building One’s Own Economy with Market America

People have been through many different shocks in the past decade. One of the shocks is the trauma that has been caused by the economic changes. The great recession has certainly shaken people to the core as they have learned that they can’t trust any of the institutions and systems that they have previously trusted. This has brought forth a lot of confusion and even despair as a growing number of people have given up on looking for work. There are also people that are trying their hand at running their own business. However, even that is proving to be dependent on many factors which include the products and product brokers they work with.

Fortunately, there is one product broker that is proving itself with many online marketers. Market America is that product broker that is making an impact across many industries. This allows people that are passionate about any topic to find products from the related industry to promote and sell. Market America allows people to be creative and unique in their approach to business so that they will be able to establish their own brand and sell all of the products they need to be able to support themselves. To know more click here.

One of the things that Market America prides itself on being is a mall without walls. As with malls, there are many different types of shops that can be built with Market America. Many of these stores are specialized stores. Therefore, the marketing has to be specialized to reach the customers that want the specific products being offered. The best thing with Market America is that people can choose whether they want to promote many different types of products from different industries or a few specific products. In many cases, the better approach would be to promote a few products.


Lifeline screening- Best medical service provider in the United States

Lifeline Screening is a company that is found in the United States. It is a company that has been in existence since 1993. This is a company as the name suggests is a body screening company. The intention of this company is to screen the body to ensure that there are no underlying health issues. The screening tests are good for the body since in case there is any problem that is developing, it can be detected and treated before it develops into a big problem. Lifeline Screening particularly plays a crucial role in detecting health problems that are related to cardiovascular diseases. These are diseases that affect the ability of the body to circulate the blood sufficiently.

The main role that this company plays is to ensure that there is a prevention of diseases that may occur. Most health problems that are related to cardiovascular diseases usually develop slowly without being noticed. Victims only realize that a disease was developing in the body when it is already a big health problem. People should strive to have regular screening tests. Screening tests will help one live a healthy life, knowing that there is no underlying health problem that may get them by surprise.

Lifeline screening is good for every American. People should book screening test. The services offered by this company are always on point. They have the best screening equipment that will detect even minor problems that may be developing. Lifeline screening is a company dedicated to having a healthy America. A place where people are free of emergency health problems. The worst thing about cardiovascular diseases is that they strike when least expected. They normally come as an emergency case. To avoid all these problems, the solution is to ensure that regular body screening is carried out.

When one has booked a screening test with lifeline screening, there are a number of things that are carried out. One is, the nature of clothing should be such that the examiner will be able to carry out the screening tests with ease. It is suggested that one should wear loose clothes that are short sleeved.

Secondly, there is a schedule that should be observed in terms of eating habit before the screening. One should not have a meal before going for the screening tests. At least there should be about 4 hrs before screening tests are carried out. The only thing that is allowed should be water or some coffee with small sugar content.

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Organo Gold Becomes Well Known on American Soil

Organo Gold is a great company that makes it easy for people to get premium coffee without spending a fortune to do so. The reason that Organo Gold is able to sell premium coffee at more affordable prices has a lot to do with the fact that the middle man is cut out.

Bernardo Chua is the leader behind this growing craze for premium coffee that is organic in nature. He has devised a plan to build a big following for Organo Gold. People are highly impressed with this company, and it is gaining momentum as one of the more popular brands of coffees and teas on the market. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold continues to be a popular brand that has managed to get people interested in the Ganoderma mushroom. This is the mushroom that is part of the Organo Gold appeal. It is a mushroom that has a healing agent, and that is something that people are enticed by. In Asia the Ganoderma mushroom has been used for centuries so it is nothing new with this consumer base. In the Western Hemisphere Americans are just starting to discover this mushroom.


It is important for Bernardo Chua to take his global business to another level, and it appears that he is doing so by branching out and putting the Organo Gold stamp on other products outside of beverages. Organo Gold is a company that also has skin care products as well. This makes it much easier for Bernardo Chua and his team to penetrate the consumer market with other products. He has a great plan for Organo Gold, and it appears that people are listening to what he has in store with this company. They want to know more about the success of Organo Gold and the products that are being sold. Organo Gold is also available at

New Crystal Brand Exceeds Customer Expectations

Rite-Aid and Walmart have retail prices for many EOS lip balm brands. Their lip balm protects your youthful appearance and allows them to get extreme moisture on the go whenever it’s necessary. The new Crystal brand comes in a cool container with a complete see through packaging. EOS lip balm cosmetics have sold millions of products without a logo and as a superior brand based on Thousands of people rely on the EOS brand for extreme protection in Northern climate or arctic conditions in prolonged exposure like working outside. To often, many people suffer from acne prone or sensitive skin and EOS lip balm caters to all skin types with 100% vegan products.

In fact, they’re one of the first lip balms to offer flavor. Crystal is unique for their wax-free base without any sticky substances caking on your lips. Click and discover more lip balm  flavors. You’re invited to a lip balm rich in vitamins and essential amino acids. Fortify your skin with a highly preferred brand used by millions of busy pros, young adults, and television personalities love the long lasting stay power. More people are using the new Crystal line for their organic ingredients. Visit their exclusive website for more details on their two pack and free shipping offers, buy here!

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