The Accomplishments of Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a doctor as well as a businessman. The entrepreneur was born in Brazil and is of the Brazilian descent. The businessman founded a hospital network known as the D’or. The hospital is a private one and is ranked one of the largest facilities in Brazil. The cardiologist’s Institute of research has revolutionized the healthcare in Brazil.


The treatment involving patients has been improved through his hospital. The healthcare in the world has progressed through the innovations that have been conducted on various equipment (GloboPlay). The technology that has been improved in the health sector has greatly improved the industry. New horizons in the health sector have advanced since many individuals have improved the new technology.


An individual normally feels relieved after doing some chores. This is because the muscles have been relaxed and there is free circulation of blood into their system. The system of an individual is usually relaxed when some chores are done. Jorge Moll is ranked among the greatest individuals in the health sector.


Jorge Moll”s expertise is evident from the way he has conducted his research. The scientist has made a great discovery between health and volunteering. A research was conducted in 2015 on Brazilians. From the research, it was discovered that twenty -eight percent of the population have done some voluntary work.


Young people have actively engaged themselves in the voluntary work ( The young individuals’ ratings were rated at seventy-two percent. The individuals had few resources in their lives and that is why they volunteered. Other individuals had little education which could not sustain them in other departments. Jorge Moll advocates for volunteering during the festive period.


Jorge Moll actively participated in the signing of the union between the schools teaching health courses and the institutions offering the course. The courses would be provided to the students through the OCRA method. The OCRA School is one of a kind having been licensed to provide education to the students. The institution has the goal of providing education to the students.


The OCRA association offers certification courses with individuals having to undertake three courses in order to be recognized internationally. The students benefit in some courses by getting books.


Lifeline screening- Best medical service provider in the United States

Lifeline Screening is a company that is found in the United States. It is a company that has been in existence since 1993. This is a company as the name suggests is a body screening company. The intention of this company is to screen the body to ensure that there are no underlying health issues. The screening tests are good for the body since in case there is any problem that is developing, it can be detected and treated before it develops into a big problem. Lifeline Screening particularly plays a crucial role in detecting health problems that are related to cardiovascular diseases. These are diseases that affect the ability of the body to circulate the blood sufficiently.

The main role that this company plays is to ensure that there is a prevention of diseases that may occur. Most health problems that are related to cardiovascular diseases usually develop slowly without being noticed. Victims only realize that a disease was developing in the body when it is already a big health problem. People should strive to have regular screening tests. Screening tests will help one live a healthy life, knowing that there is no underlying health problem that may get them by surprise.

Lifeline screening is good for every American. People should book screening test. The services offered by this company are always on point. They have the best screening equipment that will detect even minor problems that may be developing. Lifeline screening is a company dedicated to having a healthy America. A place where people are free of emergency health problems. The worst thing about cardiovascular diseases is that they strike when least expected. They normally come as an emergency case. To avoid all these problems, the solution is to ensure that regular body screening is carried out.

When one has booked a screening test with lifeline screening, there are a number of things that are carried out. One is, the nature of clothing should be such that the examiner will be able to carry out the screening tests with ease. It is suggested that one should wear loose clothes that are short sleeved.

Secondly, there is a schedule that should be observed in terms of eating habit before the screening. One should not have a meal before going for the screening tests. At least there should be about 4 hrs before screening tests are carried out. The only thing that is allowed should be water or some coffee with small sugar content.

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Organo Gold Becomes Well Known on American Soil

Organo Gold is a great company that makes it easy for people to get premium coffee without spending a fortune to do so. The reason that Organo Gold is able to sell premium coffee at more affordable prices has a lot to do with the fact that the middle man is cut out.

Bernardo Chua is the leader behind this growing craze for premium coffee that is organic in nature. He has devised a plan to build a big following for Organo Gold. People are highly impressed with this company, and it is gaining momentum as one of the more popular brands of coffees and teas on the market. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold continues to be a popular brand that has managed to get people interested in the Ganoderma mushroom. This is the mushroom that is part of the Organo Gold appeal. It is a mushroom that has a healing agent, and that is something that people are enticed by. In Asia the Ganoderma mushroom has been used for centuries so it is nothing new with this consumer base. In the Western Hemisphere Americans are just starting to discover this mushroom.


It is important for Bernardo Chua to take his global business to another level, and it appears that he is doing so by branching out and putting the Organo Gold stamp on other products outside of beverages. Organo Gold is a company that also has skin care products as well. This makes it much easier for Bernardo Chua and his team to penetrate the consumer market with other products. He has a great plan for Organo Gold, and it appears that people are listening to what he has in store with this company. They want to know more about the success of Organo Gold and the products that are being sold. Organo Gold is also available at

New Crystal Brand Exceeds Customer Expectations

Rite-Aid and Walmart have retail prices for many EOS lip balm brands. Their lip balm protects your youthful appearance and allows them to get extreme moisture on the go whenever it’s necessary. The new Crystal brand comes in a cool container with a complete see through packaging. EOS lip balm cosmetics have sold millions of products without a logo and as a superior brand based on Thousands of people rely on the EOS brand for extreme protection in Northern climate or arctic conditions in prolonged exposure like working outside. To often, many people suffer from acne prone or sensitive skin and EOS lip balm caters to all skin types with 100% vegan products.

In fact, they’re one of the first lip balms to offer flavor. Crystal is unique for their wax-free base without any sticky substances caking on your lips. Click and discover more lip balm  flavors. You’re invited to a lip balm rich in vitamins and essential amino acids. Fortify your skin with a highly preferred brand used by millions of busy pros, young adults, and television personalities love the long lasting stay power. More people are using the new Crystal line for their organic ingredients. Visit their exclusive website for more details on their two pack and free shipping offers, buy here!

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Dr. Clay Siegall: Bringing Technology and Nature Together In an Attempt to Fight Cancer

Dr. Clay Siegall, the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, is a seasoned scientist who has made a substantial contribution in regards to targeted cancer therapies. Through Seattle Genetics, he has brought professional researchers together in an attempt to improve cancer research and to develop more drugs that will satisfactorily address the cancer problem. Siegall holds the belief that the traditional therapies such as chemotherapy do not have a place in the future; scientists must strive to come up with more patient-friendly therapies which are both tolerable and effective. managed to have a word with the legend and shared his story with its readers.

The Interview

Nature has a way of eradicating the disease. With a little help from technology, nature can change the fate of people who suffer from chronic diseases and whose chances of survival are minimal by making them full of life once more. That knowledge is what motivated Dr. Siegall to start Seattle Genetics. The closest he had got to a cancer patient was when a close relative was diagnosed with the disease. By then, Siegall was a student at the University of Maryland. Although he didn’t have the necessary expertise on cancer treatment, he was not convinced that chemo, amputation, and radical surgery were the best treatment that a patient could get.

After establishing the company in 1998, Clay Siegall had to struggle to maintain it in operation. He told that the situation had gone to the extremes to the point that he had contemplated about closing down the firm. He was able to work through, and in a decade’s time, Seattle Genetics started making huge profits. He attributed his success to his team of researchers, talented salespeople, and other staff members who fully understand the business of the company and its goals. The unique products that the company develops have also gone a long way in growing his trade.

About Siegall

Before joining George Washington University for his Ph.D. in genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall had already graduated from revered The University of Maryland with a degree in Zoology. His post-doctoral research has given birth to several FDA-approved anti-cancer therapies.

Besides his prowess in science, Siegall is good at business management. In 2001, he led Seattle Genetics in a financing round that yielded more than $675 million. Siegall has also worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991 until he left to pursue entrepreneurship.

James Dondero: The Financial Market Excellence with a Philanthropic Mind

Only a few financial executives gain the respect of investors with their unique strategic movements in the market. Many executives who start with exemplary achievements fail to retain the increased expectations of the investors in the later years. But a few of them, like James Dondero, always give out their optimum and investors completely trust their strategies and financial movements. As the Co-founder and President of the prominent alternative credit management firm, Highland Capital Management, Dondero displays an impressive track record spanning more than three decades in the financial markets. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Since he founded Highland Capital in the year 1993, the firm was just following his thoughts and ideas to claim significant success in the market. Under his leadership, the company offers numerous innovative products and solutions for retail investors as well as institutional clients. Interestingly, Highland Capital could grow into a firm that is handling over $13.5 billion assets from the scratches under the leadership of Dondero. He helped the company to develop one of the first collateralized loan obligations or CLOs product and created a market for credit-oriented solutions around the world.


Highland Capital also provides private equity funds, hedge funds, institutional separate accounts, REITs, mutual funds, ETFs, and more. James Dondero converted the firm into a place of innovation and grabbed the best talents from the market. Highland Capital was listed as one of the best places for professionals to work in 2015 by Dallas Business Journal. It was considered as a true recognition of his inspirational leadership. Dondero serves on the boards of CCS Medical, MGM Studios, NexPoint, American Banknote, and Cornerstone Healthcare, and serves as the Chairman of NexBank Board. He also completed professional CFA, CMA, and CPA certification.

James Dondero is also a well-known philanthropist who spends a significant amount of his time and money in various philanthropic initiatives. He collaborates with efforts such as Snowball Express, Education is Freedom, Uplift Education, SMU’s Tower Scholars Program, Perot Museum of Natural Science, George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, and more. Dondero is credited with a number of community support initiatives in Dallas including lending hands to Dallas Zoo, The Dallas Foundation, and more. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope gives hope to SENS foundation

As people advance in age, research has found that their bodies become more prone to diseases. Frankly speaking, the entire medical fraternity has been spending thousands of hours and millions of dollars trying to solve it. These diseases include high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthritis, among others. As this continues, many questions are arising as to whether the medical practitioners are concentrating on the wrong part of the equation, treating the diseases instead of sealing its sources.

This question is what inspired Jason Hope to be involved with the anti-aging research and to be among those helping human beings reduce pain. Jason has a unique view of anti-aging research. He says that instead of spending millions of dollars in finding treatment, he proposes that controlling the source of such illnesses will put to rest so many struggles.

Well, Jason is not just like others who just do the talking and no actions. In 2010, Hope donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation, a charity organization that is leading in research to control age-related diseases. The donation boosted the organization’s research efforts in that it enabled them to build a large research laboratory in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Part of the money was also used to implement new research strategies and programs including the one aiming to breakdown glycation and its end product in human tissues.

Jason Hope believes that SENS has the capabilities to solve all aging problems because of their unique approach. The foundation has a specialized program called rejuvenation biotechnology which helps to find solutions to disorders that breaks down the body and thus resulting in accelerated aging process.

Aubrey de Grey, the Chief Science Officer at SENS foundation, mentioned that financial support from people like Jason Hope helps the spread their message and change the way people think about the aging process. He believes that when they find the correct solution the aging issues, an average person could live up to 1000 years!

And this is the reason why Jason Hope believes in the foundation. He said that his efforts are aimed at helping the foundation to accelerate its mission because, in the end, it will benefit the entire human race.

Who is Jason Hope?

Jason Hope is an internet entrepreneur found in Scottsdale, Arizona. He a very passionate philanthropist with a focus on the education sector, scientific research, and biotechnology.

Jason graduated from of Arizona State University with a degree in Finance. He later went for an MBA at W.P Carey School of Business located at Arizona State University.

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EOS in my favorite flavor!

As if I didn’t already love the EOS line of lip balms, I came across a new seasonal flavor. It’s my favorite flavor, click here.

I just love pumpkin pie. I love it in every shape and form.

A pumpkin flavored coffee and of course, a pumpkin donut would definitely compliment each other on a cold day. Its just that time of year and it seems that there are always new ways to present the pumpkin spice flavor. “Low and behold”, the new EOS pumpkin and spice lip balm. Oh so sweet as it glides on my parched lips and soothes them and protects them from the winter cold. But to have that amazing pumpkin flavor that I love so much come in a lip balm. What a great idea.

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It is very easy to open and apply when needed. I am off to shopping with too much to do but I know that I don’t have to worry about dry lips. It is stored away in my purse for easy access. Shopping can dry my mouth out and I may become a little dehydrated but my lips will be fine with this new found flavor, delicious Pumpkin Spice.

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I am very fussy about what I put on my face so when I use EOS products I know that they are safe. In fact, I have tried many flavors over a few years and I know all about the quality of the product. With healthy ingredients like shea butter which is high in antioxidants and cocoa butter is an emollient which puts a protective layer to fight all kinds of environments that can affect your lips, refer also to It also has olive oil that holds in moisture. Healthy ingredients and all those amazing flavors, that’s my kind of lip balm!


New EOS lip balm flavor

Evolution of Smooth or EOS for short, is a company that sells lip care products. The company has been very successful in the sales of their product. Recently, the company has released a new product. Before discussing the new product, we will talk about the company in general. According to, EOS began selling products in 2008. In just a few years, their products were suddenly taking over the lip care industry. The reason behind so many people loving their balm is because they are like no other lip care products we’ve seen before. The company decided it was time to change the way that people use lip balm. The traditional lip balm was becoming too boring and old. The plain stick or tube of balm was just not very personalized or intriguing. Thats when EOS came into the picture. EOS created a better balm. At first glance, you will see a colorful, spherical pod. The pod is smooth, and it has a top that unscrews and reveals the balm itself. The balm is encased within the center of the pod and has a circular look as well. The balm has an amazing taste and smell, and is offered in a variety of colors. EOS has seen a tremendous amount of EOS lip balm sales since they were released. Recently, EOS released a new Pumpkin Spice flavor of balm. The pod has an orange color and encases the new balm within it. The only way to purchase one of these new flavored balms is in the Limited Edition Holiday Collection pack. The deal comes with two flavors of balms, one of which is the new Pumpkin Spice flavor. The other balm in the pack is the fan favorite Organic Vanilla Bean. The pack goes for about $6, get it here! Act fast, they are going quick!

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