Omar Boarie’s Career and Philanthropy

It is everyone’s dream to own property at one point of their life. As such, the real estate industry seems to be one of the most lucrative businesses. However, not so many people want to invest in this industry. This is because demand and supply is never at par. But men like Omar Boraie have their two feet in the industry. He is determined to change communities with luxurious properties.

What inspired Omar Boraie to join the real estate industry is his passion for touching lives. Having been born in Egypt and raised in New Brunswick, he had seen the common challenges that face communities across continents. As such, he was determined to do something that would change lives. And, he decided that real estate was it.

Today, Omar Boraie owns a company of his own, Boraie Development LLC,. He is the CEO and president of this company, which manages a wide portfolio of properties. With this company, Boraie strives to see that no city or town they build in, is left unturned. So he decided to come up with strategies that would provide people with experiences that they never had before. He decided to bring in a mix of luxury to real estate.

If you keenly inspect his investment strategies, you will discover that he is highly interested in investing in small towns. This is because, there are tons of land that can be developed and because not many investors are want to risk investing in these areas, the land is relatively affordable. Getting land at an affordable cost is one of the reasons behind his huge success in the industry.

The other reason for such success is the ability to utilize the differentiation strategy. He does his research well, finding out what property owners would wish to get from various properties. He then harmonizes into world-class properties. See also.

Advertisement and marketing have also played a great role in the success of his company. Today, the company is said to have sold over $150 million worth of properties, both commercial and retail- with some of his best developments being Aspire and Albany Street Plaza. This has all been due to a great team of management professionals in all its functions.

What Omar Boraie has done is achieve total transformation of communities. Towns that were highly insecure are more secure today, thanks to his properties. You will find that people no longer fear walking in the streets, at night. This is because, the towns are well-lit by Boraie propertimes.

Other than being a successful real-estate businessman, Omar Boraie is also a philanthropist. He derives joy in improving the lives of people. He supports the State Theatre. In this way, he is able to create a platform for artists to showcase their creative work.

Also, having been a chemist in earlier years, he is interested in the health industry. He is the Chair of Rutgers Genomic science and has been one of the biggest contributors to the medicine research.

Benefits of Beneful

No matter what breed of dog you own, nor what size or activity level they are at, you want to provide the best options in nutrition that you can afford. A fantastic food that is also quite affordable is Beneful brand, made by Purina. Purina is one of the largest manufacturers of dog food in the world. In fact, no matter what the pet or farm animal is, chances are that Purina has you covered.Beneful makes foods that are moist, wet, kibble and chunk. They also have created a line of healthy, baked treats that allow you to give those rewards and gifts of love without feeling guilty about them. If you have a young puppy, then you should consider starting off with the Healthy Puppy kibble, designed specifically for that high energy baby who still is growing. Once your dog is beyond a year of age, perhaps two years of age, depending on the breed and veterinary recommendations, it will time to move on to the Playful Life kibble if you have a high energy breed. Other dogs will benefit from the nutrition in the Incredibites food that is designed with meaty chunks.

For premium style food at affordable prices, try the Chopped Blends line. This choice adds carrots and wild rice for that ‘home cooked meal’ feel. The most picky of eaters will absolutely love this food. With flavors such as beef, chicken or salmon, you can also give your pet the same sort of variety in their meals that you’d like for yourself. They’ll never get bored when eating Beneful brand foods.When you would like to give your furry friend a reward for being good, or just for being your best friend, you can feel good about offering them a Baked Delights treat.

Another product in the Beneful arsenal, these dog treats are baked and tasty. Your dog will eat them so fast that you’ll wonder if they stopped to chew them.With the entire line of food coming in several different flavors, such as salmon, chicken or beef, it is never hard to get your pet to eat. You will be able to offer healthy and nutritious options to your pet for an affordable price. You don’t have to cut corners on your pal’s food when you go with Beneful and you’ll never feel like they don’t like their food.

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The Importance of a Kabbalah Center

The whole idea behind Kabbalah is teaching individuals how to regain balance in their lives. It’s about finding what makes you happy and in harmony, whilst getting rid of or staying away from negative energy.

A lot of people today go through life unhappy. They feel stressed by their careers, they just fell out of a relationship or lost a love one to death. Life happens to all of us but how well you handle this negative energy will greatly determine the quality of life you live and read full article.

Kabbalah is a teaching that has been passed down for years by the Jews. Through Kabbalah teachings, one is able to amass true joy, inner peace and find the fulfillment they are looking for in life. There are three main ways which one can use to learn and practice Kabbalah.

Online Courses

One can find a Kabbalah center online and enroll for their classes. These online teaching centers have thousands of resources like articles, videos or journals that teach an individual everything they need to do. There are online student tutors who will help you formulate a study plan that is specifically tailored to your needs and interests. You only need good internet access, a laptop or smartphone to get started.

Book Studies

There are plenty of books for download in online Kabbalah centers. These books cover different types of topics to help one understand life and what it means to have true joy. An online Kabbalah center would allow access to a large online library for just a low monthly subscription. One can explore as many topics as they can and even be specific with their studies—reading only the material that applies in their lives.

Contact Groups

The movement of Kabbalah has grown from just remote centers to global contact groups. A contact group is basically a group of like-minded individuals coming together to study Kabbalah. An online Kabbalah center would include location finders to help locate a contact group near you and Kabbalah of Website.

Studying Kabbalah helps you find the peace and balance you need in your life. Many of the people who have successfully completed the courses have regained a newer perspective for life and wake up each day rejuvenated.

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Investor and Entrepreneur- Paul Mampilly

For more than 20 years Paul Mampilly has been serving and working on Wall Street; he is a hedge fund experts who when still working at Wall Street served clients including Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank, and ING. Paul is a prominent hedge fund expert who in 2009 due to his efforts and hard work he was recognized and rewarded by Templeton Foundation. Mr. Paul Mampilly was awarded for his efforts for making a $50 million investment and raising it to $88 million investment during a financial crisis in the nation. Mr. Paul is an American investor who has a passion for helping other Americans to invest wisely. Recently the entrepreneur registered with Banyan Hill Publishing to create Profits Unlimited.

Profit Unlimited is an organization which was established in 2016 with a primary purpose of assisting Americans to invest. Every month, Paul Mampilly has been sending new stocks to his subscribers which they have been receiving through his mail letters. Paul has an active website which he has been updating each week on how the stock market has been doing. Paul Mampilly has a unique way of investing for his subscribers, instead of spending on their behalf; he has been allowing them to buy the stock on their brokerage accounts.

Paul Mampilly is an American entrepreneur who has a broad experience in hedge fund and alternative investment. He is the Chief Editor of Profit Unlimited. Paul Mampilly joined the group in 2016 with the aim of helping other Americans to invest in growth investing, technology, unique opportunities as well as small-cap stock. Mr. Paul is not a financier, but he is also an author who has been writing for the profit unlimited since its foundation, and the Sovereign Investor Daily.

Before joining Profit Unlimited, Paul Mampilly was serving at Wall Street. He also had other responsibilities as an editor for Professional Speculator of Stansberry Research LLC. Paul Mampilly has been a leader who since he began his career has shown positive leadership skills. He has also served in various organizations including Co-Portfolio Manager. He is an MBA holder from Fordham University in New York.

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EOS Vanilla Bean Lip Balm: Try it Now

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, is a company still wearing diapers, with only seven years’ experience in the beauty industry. But, experience is not always what matters, and this company has proven the fact on several occasions. EOS became a better-selling brand than Chapstick in this short time, selling more than one-million lip balm orbs each week. And, the company changed the lip balm game, giving a breath of fresh air when it was most needed. EOS lip balm is made with natural ingredients, is fun to use, and comes in tons of fun flavors. Forget boring when an EOS orb is in your hand!

EOS flavors are fun, fruity sensations that you will love using to soothe your lips. The lip balms contain a touch of shea butter, are free of parabens, and help your lips look and feel their best any time of the year, check Choosing the flavor that you like the most is the biggest challenge involved with an EOS lip balm purchase. Multi-packs are available for such challenges.  Check them on

More info about EOS here.

The Vanilla Bean lip balm flavor is one of the brand’s most popular. The lip balm is deception, as your lips will think they’re getting a spoonful of delicious vanilla ice cream, but instead, get a soothing softness with a burst of flavor that is intensely satisfying. Like the other EOS lip balms, the Vanilla Bean flavor is free of harsh ingredients, including parabens and phosphates.

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The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT)

The Wessex Institute is a learning as well as research institution located at the Ashurst Lodge of New Forest National Park, Southern England. Prof. Carlos Brebbia established it in 1986. It offers higher degree courses.

The institute majors on three core activities;


The institution conducts highly specialized research in diverse fields such as ecology, electromagnetics, damage tolerance and fluid mechanics among many other areas. Industrial and research organizations fund the research activities.


It organizes annual conferences on Design and Nature and other corporate conferences aimed at bridging the space between academic and professional bodies. Activities during the conferences include awarding of the Prigogine Medal, a commemorative of Ilya Prigogine, as well as other awards.


The WIT Press coner5ence proceedings and research reports. It is also the publisher of the International Journal of Design & Nature, Ecodynamics, and other journals.

Regardless of its academic programs, the institute is still keen on its core objective – integrated knowledge exchange between academic and professional fora.


EOS Lip Balm is made for a Woman’s Lips

Every woman knows that having chapped lips is not a sexy thing. All women want to have sexy and full lips that will make them look young and attractive. Looks are important to women and rough lips will take away from a woman’s overall appearance. This is where EOS Lip Balm can help a female to keep her lips tasty looking, smooth and free from problems.

EOS Lip Balm was created exclusively for a woman’s mouth. This chapstick product helps a woman to maintain the moisture on their mouth by providing a fruity flavor formula that protects her pucker from dryness and chaffing.

There are many passionate flavors that people can purchase from EOS Lip Balm. They include Watermelon Wonderland, Summer Fruit and Strawberry Sorbet, For more of the products, check on  Once a female places these tasty fruit flavors onto their lips; the fun will begin.

A woman’s senses will come to life and her youthful side will come out. She will find it hard to resist the amazing flavors that EOS provides, has some additional details to share. There is Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Tangerine, Lemon Drop and Sweet Vanilla Nonsense. Each of these different fruity and herbal foods are tempting and they will make a female to feel like a million-dollar lady.

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Famous stars such as Miley Cyrus and even Jennifer Lopez uses EOS Lip Balm. These sweet tasting chapstick balls roll onto a woman’s lips, leaving a tasty and functional barrier on a lady’s mouth. EOS Lip Balm is the perfect product that has been made exclusively for a woman’s lips.

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Being A Part Of The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is the best company to work with if you love wine and can appreciate the beauty that comes from this brand.

The company has been working hard over the years to provide their users with the best service and the best training, and they continue to do it well through the power of proper service and providing great training. This company works great with their Wine Guides so they are well prepared and ready to handle all aspects of working in this industry.

Their best bet when working with their team is having leaders in different regions available for help. You will be lead to your leader of the pact in your region, and he or she will help mentor you and guide you on your future with the company. Traveling Vineyard will eventually help you build your team so you can start having people working with you and for you as well. The next thing to remember is the fact that they want you to grow, and so this is why they have countless different events held in place so you can interact and meet different people to guide you.


It’s a great way to network but also just mingle and meet new people so you can grow and further your development. There are several people who miss out on these opportunities without realizing that they can highly impact every aspect of your future for the long haul. There are several things involved with their meetings because you get additional training and help on so many aspects of your future with the company.

Selling their wine is like selling hotcakes. They are easy to sell and fun to present, but the best part is that wine tasting events that you create will be rewarding and exciting to be part of.

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Step into Spring With Spring EOS Lip Balm

Spring is a time for fresh and light flavored things, and bright and pastel colors. It is a time for reinvigorating your life. The new Spring 2017 limited edition two pack lip balm is a great way to do so.

EOS has long been our favorite lip balm. Not only are they fresh and creative in their flavors, but also provide high quality lip balms. Their lip balm is gluten, petroleum, and paraben free, and contains a shea butter and jojoba oil base. These bases are much better than the standard petroleum based lip balms issued by their competition which don’t offer the same long term protection from the elements that EOS lip balms provide.

EOS lip balm was first started by founders who saw that the lip balm market was under served with boring flavored lip balms that didn’t create interesting flavors or high quality products. They created a higher quality lip balm that is in a unique orb that is easy to apply and goes on smooth and thick, and is a great choice for those who are looking for high quality products that they apply to their skin.Go straight to this.

The EOS lip balm Spring 2017 limited edition has two flavors; a soft cucumber melon combo that is luscious but light and delicate when applied, and a coconut milk lip balm that is mellow and reminiscent of the season, check on This flavor combo is artfully paired and provide flavors that are not overpowering, but are well paired for variety and interest.

I found the combination pack a great combination and a fresh new take on the season. These two flavors fit wonderfully into the EOS portfolio of lip balms and helps to define the season. If you are in need of a new lip balm, don’t refrain from picking up the Spring 2017 two pack EOS lip balm. But hurry, as it is a limited edition pack.  Check on


Goetti Moves Ahead Again

In the air conditioning field, there is quite a bit of competition, and the companies are all trying to make the most of what they can get. One company that has a handle on what they need to do is Goetti. Goetti has decided to make acquiring other air conditioning businesses part of their business model, and they have been doing so for years. Recently, they brought two more companies aboard.

The two companies that Goetti brought on are Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air. These two companies will add to the Goetti company, and give them 20 more employees that they can utilize for a variety of duties out in the field. Previously, these two companies dealt with only the residential spectrum of the industry, but since merging with Goetti, they will be able to do commercial work too. They will be able to complete many more contracts, and therefore, make more money.

Goetti was founded over 70 years ago. The two Goetti brothers built a company that is well known for what it does. They started the company in Arizona, and then moved to Las Vegas. In Arizona, they were named the best HVAC company for the year 2017.

The company is respected, and they treat their employees fantastically. They know that they are trained professionals that are experienced at what they do, and they want to make sure that they are well taken care of. Moving forward, Goetti plans to take on more companies, and complete even more work.