The Avi Weisfogel Revolution in Sleep Medicine

As a reflection of his passion for well-being, recent Dr. Avi Weisfogel reviews show how this innovative dentist and entrepreneur is shaping a new practice of dental care and curing detrimental sleep conditions. Through his Dental Sleep Masters training and seminars, Dr. Weisfogel is spearheading a new mission to help cure patients of their sleep apnea and other conditions through proper care and procedures. Said to be on the “cutting edge of sleep science“, Dental Sleep Masters and Dr. Weisfogel help other dentists to properly diagnose patients and being them relief at bedtime.

The Avi Weisfogel IdeaMensch interview gives deeper insight into how Dr. Weisfogel has evolved his lifestyle to further his career and provide a service that helps the lives of many different patients. Though his days in conventional dentistry have come to an end, Dr. Weisfogel used it as a platform to launch his specialized care and seminars for other dentists around the world. His work has helped others to think beyond the normal barriers of dentistry and assist patients in resolving secondary issues.

In keeping with his passion of helping those in need of dental work, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has recently launched an Avi Weisfogel GoFundMe campaign that will directly benefit the Operation Smile organization. Since its inceptions in the 1980’s, this organization has helped impoverished children around the world by correcting dental issues and allowing them to live better lives without the cost that is typically involved. Dr. Weisfogel’s specific GoFundMe mission hopes to raise thousands of dollars that can be contributed to this effort.

An early fascination with dentistry prompted Dr. Avi Weisfogel to pursue it as a career choice. Dr. Weisfogel attended Rutgers University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in psychology and biology before advancing to more specific education. He attended the New York University College of Dentistry to receive training in his field, which led to Dr. Weisfogel opening his own dental practice in 1999 and offering services to patients in the state of New Jersey. Dr. Weisfogel began to specialize in the relationship between sleep conditions and dental issues during this time, inspiring him to found Dental Sleep Masters which focuses on curing sleep apnea through proper dental work.

USHealth Group Raises Level for Excellence in Products and Service

USHealth Group Inc. does more than just offer their customer’s affordable insurance. The company is dedicated to providing customers with the most innovative choices than any other insurance provider nationwide.

Through their all-encompassing products, USHealth Group has considered every possible life event that could occur and they’ve taken every possible step to ensure where there is a need, there is a product choice available. Whether it is a sickness or critical illness that prevents customers from meeting their financial obligations for non-medical costs or standard health insurance, USHeath Group has s product available.

Products such as Premier Choice, stands alone in the industry as being one of the most innovative and customer focused products available. They have taken what once was a need and built it into a service of benefits that far exceed what is expected. It provides USHealth Group customers the ability to take ownership of their coverage. The product gives customers access to supplement their existing health plan allowing for covered services that essentially rollover so that customers do not lose their benefits. In today’s healthcare industry, that type of assurance for customers is a valuable asset.

It is all too often that the name “reform” for healthcare is mentioned and US HealthGroup has apparently decided to take it upon itself to reach a standard of health coverage for customers with an innovative reform approach of their own.

The company has gone beyond what is offered in the traditional marketplace by taking great lengths at innovation to meet the needs of their customers. They offer insurance coverage that is completely like no other company in the marketplace.

USHealth Group is an award winning organization that has raised the bar for insurance companies. Year after year the company rises to a level that has become recognized for their efforts for providing excellent service to their customers and their continued innovative products.

In 2016, USHealth Group was honored with ten prestigious awards. One of which was the coveted Stevie Award for “most innovative company of the year”. The Stevie Award is given to companies worldwide to honor and recognize their achievements and for their positive contributions.

Troy Mcquagge, CEO and President of USHealth Group Inc. said: “We’re proud to have been recognized year after year with some of the most prestigious business awards…as the Stevie Award. Such world-class awards demonstrate an unmistakable truth; that excellence in business doesn’t just happen…it has to be earned.”

The company’s top executive also won the 2016 One Planet award for CEO of the year.

USHealth Group serves over 15 million customers nationwide. It is located in Ft. Worth, Texas and has been in existence for 50 years. The company has also been very involved in assisting the military and veterans through various initiatives throughout the years.



EOS Lip Balm Outdoes The Competition

The EOS lip balm is a beautiful product that was created to ensure anyone’s lips will be much softer than when they started. It is quite a lot of fun to use because it smells good, and it feels better on the lips. This Fast Company sourced article explains how the balm is offering the finest service to every customer, and there is a look at why it is important to ensure their lips will be healthy.

#1: Kids Love The Balm

EOS lip balm is one of the most-powerful products in the industry, and it is one that is popular with kids. It has many nice flavors that everyone will enjoy, and it shows the public there is a fun way to take care of their lips. The company is outdoing Chap Stick, and they will continue to do so every time they come out with new flavors.

#2: The Bubble Packaging

The bubble packaging that is used for the product is a small ball that anyone may put in their pocket. The pocket size is perfect for kids who wish to carry the balm with them, and it is great for kids who do not have much room to carry anything else. They may use the balm any time they like, and they may pack more than one in their backpack if they want.

The EOS lip balm has taken over the industry by offering something that other companies cannot. They are powerful in their research, and they are consistently coming out with new flavors. The brand is helping kids learn how to take care of their bodies, and they will notice it is quite a lot of fun too have their favorite smell under their noses when they use the balm every day at school, at home or on the road. For more information, go to

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Expert Opinion On Post Trump 2017 Investment Market

Timothy or Tim Armour is one of the most popular portfolio managers from Los Angeles, USA. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Capital Group which is considered as the largest firms in the country with more than $1.4 Trillion in secured funds.

Very recently, the Group has partnered with Samsung Asset Management, a Seoul-based based equity firm to cater to Korean market with their innovative retirement and asset allocation solutions. Also, the Group is also working with numerous clients on a global scale as well. Tim also serves as the of Management Committee of Capital Group’s Chairman and Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. as PEO and Chairman where he started his career 33 years ago.

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In addition, to lead such a huge group, Tim also loves to help investors with his strategic insights about the investment market. While everyone is in the dark about the future of investment market under the new Trump Administration, He has developed some predictions about this industry. As Federal Reserves, has increased interest rate for the second time, he is hopeful that corporate earning is about rising very soon. But he predicts that if the rise of investment market depends on the growth in the global market as well. While the major countries such as China and Japan are going through some economic reforms, he is also confident that things are finally moving towards a positive direction in 2017. However, he warns the investors the keep incident such as Market Selloff in September 2015 that tremored the stock market. But he has a different perspective on such phenomenon. According to Tim, the stock at that time was overpriced which was putting the market in a risky situation. Hence, it was an inevitable move from China to stabilize the market by devaluating their currency. So, the investors should be aware of such things in future. He also suggests that the investors may try their luck in 2017 with banks, internet, and commodity-based companies with more fighting chances in 2017. He also advises the investors to look for an active fund manager who is willing to invest along with their clients and aggressive to work hard in earning their profit.

Tim has more than 33 years of investment expertise and a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College. He started with Capital group as an Associate and initially worked as an Equity Investment Analyst. He is based in Los Angeles and involved with some social & voluntary causes.

Securus Has Improved Their Technology System

We have been talking on Securus for some time using their video programming, and I know it brings more people together than any other company. They have challenged other companies to do better, and they are outpacing them at an incredible rate. This article shows how I have partaken in Securus to ensure our family is connected. There are families that are split up across the country, and I believe the system helps everyone who feels they have lost a loved one.


#1: What Is The Purpose Of Securus?


Securus believes they are doing a work for the people when they set up their videos calling service, and they are giving us a chance to see someone we love. We see each other in a clear picture, and we believe it is possible to help our loved ones before they are released from jail.


#2: What Do We Do To Call Each Other?


I place the calls on my mobile phone, and the people at Securus place the calls for us. They make the calls simpler for us, and they show us how to make our calls go through quickly. I have spent quite a lot of time on the phone with family using Securus, and I can see the difference between their service and others.


#3: How Long May We Talk?


Speaking to family on Securus is fun because we have video that helps us feel as though we are there, and I have gotten around personal visits that I have not been able to drive for. Securus saves us money, and they connect us for hours if we believe it is necessary.


We have a video call set up for visitation through Securus every week, and I place the calls myself through the app. We see each other, speak for quite a long time and enjoy each other’s company.


Understanding the Importance of Life Skills

Religious studies have been perceived as an important aspect in the development of an upright and a wise human being with a focused mind set. Many people have taken the study of different types of religions globally to understand how events and things came into existence. As such many centers have been established across the world with the aim of coming up with proper teachings regarding specific religions in the world. Kabbalah Centre have emerged to teach wisdom that helps people to understand the nature of universe and the principles of life. As such, many people have come to understand the untold stories and understanding of God that have not been written in the religious materials. Here, students are taught on the importance of understanding the importance of the existing religions and how they impact the society. Kabbalah is a term that means to receive and thus through its study, people are taught on the importance of receiving wisdom which gives you the utmost understanding of yourself. Kabbalah teaches many aspects of life that make our life fulfilled. For instance, students are taught the importance of understanding the relationship between education, relationship and career. All these aspects when brought together, people understand the purpose of living and receiving spiritual fulfillment.

Kabbalah Centre was established by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 and the center has grown over the years to open branches in other countries across the world. He later passed the mantle Rav Berg who has spearheaded the Kabbalah teachings to greater heights. Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles has been in existence for a long period of time. The center has impacted Kabbalistic teachings to students where most of them have benefited by putting them in practice. Through this center, the living standards and relationship between people has greatly improved resulting in a cohesive society. The centers have also emerged in Europe and Brazil and as such, they have also witnessed increased number of teachers who have gotten employment opportunities. The centers have focused in developing a person into a wise and spiritual leader that understands the society and its surrounding. The teachings have been taken positively in many parts of the world.