Fine to Big Volume Hair in One Week

Wen by Chaz Dean has been advertising their newest product, Fig, and all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and styler. It is designed to give volume, moisture, and shine to fine, limp hair. Emily McClure, a hair stylist, had heard many things about it, but decided to try Wen hair care for herself for a week and documented her results in a blog that was a featured article on

Her overall experience using and purchasing Wen hair care products was positive. She used it every morning and said that her hair looked best right after shower and styling. Being someone with fine, limp, hair, she is always looking for a product to give her miraculous volume. Her first day using the Wen cleansing conditioner product was by far her most successful. She could feel her hair thicken as she used it. Also to her surprise, being used to losing strands while she shampooed, no strands fell out while using this product!

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Emily’s article documenting her week using Wen hair care also featured before and after pictures that clearly showed the changes in her hair. Her hair went from limp and greasy to shiny and bouncy. She mentioned that the one night of the week she spent time with her friends all of them commented on how nice her hair looked.

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How Evolution Of Smooth Took Over The Lip balm Market

Defining A Generation

Millennials are changing just about everything they come in contact with. They are changing technology, entertainment, and in a surprising twist they are now staking out a place in the lip balm market. The aptly named lip balm brand Evolution of Smooth is taking over the lip balm market. Currently Evolution of Smooth enjoys a comfortable position as the 2nd most popular brand of lip balm in the United States. The focus on using only all natural ingredients and using social media to raise brand awareness is behind the rise of EOS,

All Natural And Automated

The appeal of EOS lip balm lies in its use of completely natural ingredients. Absolutely nothing that goes into EOS lip balm is derived from artificial source. Millennials are the most environmentally conscious generation we’ve seen so far and this reflects their interests. Another distinct Millennial twist to EOS lip balm is the complete automation of the production line. Every step of the way EOS products are produced by machines. This gives EOS a much higher profit margin than other brands, but it also speaks to the character of the company. This is a brand and a company fully devoted to providing the world the next generation of lip balm.

The Exciting Future Of Evolution Of Smooth

The most exciting thing about EOS is the potential for branching out. The eBay available brand can extend itself with other products and expand its social media marketing on Facebook. The recent release of EOS shaving cream is step in this direction. If that venture provides success EOS will likely continue down this road. Millennials want to see the world around them change. If the rise of Evolution of Smooth is any indication it seems like they will finally have their own brand of lip balm.


Dr. Jennifer Walden: Simply Incredible

There are certain people out there that have a certain aura about them and a certain way of doing things that really stands the test of time and really makes an impact to remember. That is the case with Dr. Jennifer Walden. The great thing about her is that she is a true American success story. She is an Austin, Texas girl that has gone on to big things. She has been on the cover of magazines and been on TV many times. People swear by her and her work. They really put a lot of trust in her, and she does everything in her power to reward their faith and good will.


She is also big on family and would do anything for her boys. They mean the world to her. Everything that she does in her life, she does it for her boys, so they can have a great life and be comfortable. She has a tireless work ethic and that is why she Jennifer named one of the top 24 beauty surgeons. That is a high honor, but it is one that was earned. She came up the old-fashioned way. She went to New York, studied, learned from others, was not afraid to ask questions, and even opened up her own practice in New York.


Now, however, she is back home in Austin, Texas, and she could not be happier. Sometimes life comes full circle like that and it is very rich and very rewarding for the person. She can take all of those lessons she learned and apply them to her practice in New York. Upon her patients meeting her, they know they are in good hands. It is very hard to get an appointment with her, but she does her best to make time for everyone.


She knows for a lot of people, they have questions, concerns, and worries, and she knows it is more than just doing the beauty surgery. There is the aspect of connecting and forging relationships with patients. That is what keeps them coming back for more and that is how they stay happy and she stays happy.

Lime Crime: Bright Hues, Bright Future

With the increasing popularity of the virtual make-up tutorial, it is no surprise to make-up connoisseurs everywhere that the cosmetic industry is booming. Lime Crime cosmetic company, founded by Doe Deere, is no exception to this exciting fact. Created in 2004, Lime Crime was a small DIY fashion line that turned cosmetic company after inspiration created a dream. Lime Crime has revolutionized the make- up industry by creating vegan and cruelty free make up products that have become a favorite among make-up professionals. Doe Deere, being passionate about animals and the environment, ensured that all Lime Crime products would be certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. This certification was a huge success and strengthened their presence in the industry by multitudes. Lime Crime Cosmetics boasts bold colors that are never boring, and allow the user to let their creativity flow to create the perfect look.

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime cosmetic company, is a beautiful Russian immigrant who perfectly depicts the possibilities of the American dream. After moving to The United States at the age of 17, Doe Deere chased her passion for the music industry but soon realized her love and passion for cosmetics. Music might not have been her calling, but it was through her New York City band that she met her husband. The essence of creativity, Doe Deere has dubbed herself “queen of the unicorns” and strives to inspire creativity and individualism. Creativity is what gave Doe Deere’s company, Lime Crime, the initial push into the cosmetic industry that it needed. Doe Deere’s face can be seen in most images with hues as bright as her future, and these hues are what inspire the product lines of Lime Crime. Doe Deere provided customers with bright, vibrant, and sometimes unusual colors. Lime Crime cosmetic company made quirky and creative colors their passion, when such products were almost non-existent in the current cosmetic industry. Doe Deere dreamed of a cosmetic company that gave customers that ability to be themselves, and that is exactly what her company Lime Crime has done. Doe Deere inspires customers daily through Lime Crime, and gives all a way to express themselves freely and without judgement. Unicorns, let your freak flags fly with Lime Crime!

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Lime Crime – The Makeup Brand To Promote Self-Expression

The cosmetics company called LimeCrime which is headquartered in Los Angeles takes the word ‘daring’ to a whole new level as it hops over the regular shades of lip and eye makeup and settles with the most intense colors that astound a lot of consumers in an excellent manner.


How The Brand Came About


Lime Crime was established by the CEO Doe Deere back in 2008. It started as a simple account name that the founder saw and registered as on eBay where she retailed the clothing pieces that she made by herself four years prior to the brand’s conception. As modeling the apparels required her to put on full makeup on a regular basis, she noticed the scarcity of vividly colored cosmetics on the market and acted upon it by creating the company.

What The Name Stands For


Although Doe Deere has admitted that that obtaining the name was a matter of coincidence, she said that branding her business as such has given her and all the people working for the company the opportunity to promote freedom of self-expression to many. According to the CEO, Lime Crime serves as a reminder to everyone that it is alright to not confine oneself within the rules imposed by the society, as well as to have fun while bravely facing the ups and downs that life can bring.


Doe has thought of calling their supporters and consumers Unicorns due to their resemblance to the imaginary animal’s distinctiveness and ability to accept its differences from the others while remaining proud about it.  The Facebook fans love it, and Lime Crime has an Instagram user base of more than 2 million.


She mentioned as well that only her products are only suitable for daring people – the kind who are not terrified to challenge the limits that have been in action since this generation’s birth. This is therefore what the name of the company stands for.


The Cosmetic Products


As shown by’s massive online selection, Lime Crime generates cosmetics specifically for the eyes and lips, and they just launched a brand new line of lip products, as reported by PR Newswire. Both categories consist of metallic, matte and combination types which appear in a wide range of rich hues. While they provide nice, surprising colors, what is truly wonderful regarding these makeup products is that they have all been produced without making use of ingredients or testing methods that may come from or involve cruelty to animals. As a pet lover, the company’s CEO has ascertained that their merchandise will be animal-friendly, and for this they have even acquired the approval of an organization like PETA.

Naomi Campbell’s Birthday Celebration

Naomi Campbell is a gorgeous British model. At the end of Fashion Week, this top model was reunited with her old flame. An elegant al fresco dinner followed her reunion with this rhythm and blues singer. The elegant meal was shared together in the French capital. Campbell was sitting outside, smoking a cigarette and completely immersed in a conversation with this old flame. She carried two gorgeous roses with her after dinner was over.

Wearing a black suit, with a black bra peeking out through the extremely low cut neckline, she looked absolutely radiant. An elegant pair of high heels with peep toes, and one glove upon her left hand completed Campbell’s look.

Campbell and Usher supposedly had a short relationship in 2004. Apparently, Campbell had some issues with his entourage, stating they were far too controlling. Usher claimed that he had become bored with her. Later, Usher clearly stated they never even dated, much less become a couple. He said they went to an affair together, and they had become good friends but nothing more.

Naomi Campbell was having an early celebration for her thirty-eighth birthday. She was also joined by several close friends and acquaintances. This exhilarated group partied until the sun came up. The celebration took place at the Paris nightclub.

Campbell was born in 1970, and she began her career in modeling when she was recruited at the age fifteen. She was educated at the Italia Conti Academy. Rising to the top of the modeling field, she became one of three of the most well known, highly recognized models in both the 1980’s and 1990’s. In her generation, Campbell was one of only six models who the industry of fashion proclaimed to be super models.

Jason Halpern Steers JMH to Innovative Heights

Jason Halpern is the Founding MD of JMH Development. Halpern is from the third generation real estate developers with a solid track record of over 50 years in construction and property management in New York. With his unique expertise in development, Jason combines experience with great vision and foresight leading JMH to execute several innovative properties and historical landmarks across the U.S.


JMHs team of professionals is fully equipped with every aspect of construction and development – from strategy and due diligence, to project design, to construction, and branding & marketing. The projects range from residential properties, commercial offices, to hospitality and mixed-use property segments. With their unique marketplace knowledge and expertise development skills, the firm continues to deliver the highest quality properties that endure the test of time. The company’s philosophy of preserving historic structures is evident through its adaptive re-use and restoration projects on historic landmarks across the nation.

JMH Development Launches 235-Room Hotel Project at the heart of Miami Beach


JMH Development develops the project in conjunction with Madden Real Estate Ventures as an adaptive re-use of the historically significant Motel Ankara. A new eight-story tower will be constructed as well. Aloft South Beach comes in as the first hotel to be constructed anew in South Beach since the year 2009, with significantly spacious rooms.

Jason expressed his excitement over the topping off of Aloft South Beach and marking the beginning of construction works and future development phases. The project will open up the Aloft South Beach and present a waterfront location that accesses the Lake Pancoast and the magnificent Collins Canal wrapping around the property. Just a single block from the refreshing shores of Miami Beach, the brand new Aloft will be situated at the center of South Beach a few minutes’ drive from the Miami Beach Convention Center. The area is populated with numerous art galleries, night clubs, boutiques, restaurants, and the Bass Museum of Art.


Guests can enjoy a roof deck lounge, outdoor pool, a 24-hour fitness center and flexible meeting space of over 200 square feet, ideal for social gatherings as well as business meetings. Additionally, the new Aloft Beach hotel will offer a variety of live entertainment with free presentations from emerging artists.

Jason Halpern’s Philanthropy

Jason has brought his relentless passion for philanthropy to the workplace. He has enacted numerous charitable initiatives through the company. JMH adopted a partnership with a non-profit global water organization donating $20,000 for every contract the firm signs at the Miami-based offices to finance water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Diversant’s John Goullet to the Rescue, For Your IT Staffing Needs

Mr. John Goulllet has had years’ worth of experience in the IT staffing sector by offering innovative solutions to the IT staffing industry as a whole. Besides from coming up with his successful ventures, Mr. Goulet has served in many major companies taking up executive roles. He is the current Principal Executive of Diversant, LLC, and also acted as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Info Technologies, Inc. under his bold leadership, Info Technologies significantly grew to become number 8 in Inc. Magazine’s list of the top five hundred fastest growing companies in the United States. The firm eventually merged with Diversant and John Goullet inevitably joined the leadership board at Diversant.

In 1990 Goullet graduated from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania with a degree in Business and Information Technology. He demonstrated academic excellence during his tertiary years having been named Student of the Year while at the University. Shortly after school Mr. Goullet became actively involved with his career, having served significant roles in companies such as The Constell Group, Computer Sciences Corp, Piscataway, Lyndhurst, Bridgewater, Information Services and Cap Gemini America.

Diversant has revealed impressive growth with John Goullet being part of the leadership team, especially after being recognized as the largest privately-owned IT staffing firm in the United States. He goes above and beyond in meeting challenges facing the It staffing sector, with innovative and brand new solutions. He focuses, more so, in resolving one of the biggest challenge facing the sector currently, which is the shortage of well-educated and certified IT professionals. Despite the lack of effort in colleges to address this growing issue, Mr. Goullet has come up with a means of solving the problem while still offering his support to his community.

By establishing his first company, Info Technologies, in 1994, Mr. Goullet found a way of bringing together IT specialists and major IT companies in a professional yet friendly environment. He carefully identifies the IT staffing needs of his extensive clients, and then matches them with IT professionals depending on their personalities and work styles. By doing this, he can ensure that both his consultants and clients can come to an amicable point of agreement; thus both parties’ meets are met.

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Ressler and Godlenberg Entrepreneurs Build Empire Out of Ecommerce Fashion

Expanding into new markets is the name of the game for entrepreneur Don Ressler. But, it wasn’t always that way. Ressler, who is known to be the creator of several successful startups, started out teamed up with Adam Goldenberg, a 19 year old COO for his company Intermix. What happened when these two entrepreneurs got together was the culmination of gaining successful and profitable ecommerce businesses. If not for their abilities to successfully explore new opportunities, neither Ressler nor Goldenberg would have found any success.

Together, Ressler and Goldenberg formed Alena Media. There were reportedly hundreds of millions generated from this e-commerce and advertising company. After, Goldenberg’s company, Intermix was acquired in 2005 by News Corp and eventually – due to the media conglomerate ignoring the company they had strived to build, they ultimately parted ways with News Corp.

With skills far beyond those of regular, everyday entrepreneurs, Ressler and Goldenberg built their own enterprise of brand building, but this venture had an extra special addition: all the work could be executed autonomously.After gathering a group from Alena (that had worked previously for both Ressler and Goldenberg), the two entrepreneurs created “Brand Ideas,” which would later become what is known today as “Intelligent Beauty.” Through Intelligent Beauty came other creations by the pair including DERMSTORE, a marketplace for online cosmetics and skin care and SENSA, a weight-loss system, and both became successful ventures.

Both DERMSTORE and SENSA have turned big profits according to reports. But there was an additional $43 million that came from Technology Crossover Ventures and soon, Ressler and Goldenberg were funded fully for their product lines. After Technology Ventures joined the entrepreneurs, another company was created –JustFab – which was a fashion retailer by subscription ecommerce. What happened next was that JutFab blew up meaning re and more funding started pouring in from Cross Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, Matrix Partners and Rho Ventures.

So the two entrepreneurs and their fashion retailer JustFab decided to expand into more markets; The were riding this momentum of fashion for parents and decided to expand their fashion into children’s clothing and fashion. The acquired such ecommerce businesses as “FabKids” and “The Fab Shoes.” With acquiring The Fab Shoes, millions of European memberships came with it along with member from both Germany and the U.K. JustFab also acquired “Fabletics” and “ShoeDazzle” and even opened their first flagship store in 2013.

Just recently, JustFab closed on an $85 million funding project led by Passport Special Opportunity Fund, bringing the company’s total capital to $250 million.

My Moving Company Needs Workers From Handy

I move a lot of things into people’s homes, especially furniture. The problem with the furniture is the fact that it can sometimes shred at the bottom, especially if the customers have older furniture that is starting to tear apart. I promise my customers that they’ll have a clean home once we finish moving their items, and I even offer them home cleaning services, which I used to do myself. Since I didn’t have time to clean up after myself because I may have several moving jobs each day, I decided to work with Handy to get the job done.

I have my own account on the Handy website, and even though I hire workers to clean my business and my home once in a while, most of the work that they do is for the people I move for. I can easily move for 2-3 people in one day, which means I’m working up to 16 hours a day or more. My customers pay me extra when I send out Handy workers to clean their home, so it’s worth it for me to do it.

When I used to have to stay and clean the home on my own, I would lose up to an hour cleaning their home, so it affected how much money I made at the end of the day. Handy makes things so much easier for me, especially that their prices are very competitive. If I even decide to move people to other cities that are nearby, I can still get Handy workers to come and clean the homes for me. According to, the Handy workers are very prompt and extremely professional, and they are the most trustworthy people I know of. I praise Handy for the great job they do, especially the great workers that they employ.