Choosing the Best Lip Balm

Every lady needs a lip product which is easy to use. Choosing a lip balm may look like a basic thing to do but sometimes ladies need pointers in this department. There are certain things which you need to consider when choosing a lip balm. For starters, you must choose a lip balm which is not harmful to your health. When you do, choose a product which does not contain chemicals such as paraben. It is also not advisable to use a product which contains petrolatum.

A lip balm must be one which makes your lips moisturized and feel supple. A shimmery look on your lips is what you are looking for. Anyone who buys a lip balm must also consider its affordability. A lip balm is not the best just because it is expensive. The fact is that you can find a good lip balm which is affordable too. Beware of cheap lip balms which are full of chemicals, though.

Why Evolution of Smooth Lip Products?

There are many products on the counter these days, however, not all of them are genuine. One product line which most people appreciate, however, is the EOS line of lip balms. The product line is known for manufacturing the best lip products. They use ingredients which are harmless to your lips and they come in various options. The products can be chosen based on their colors or flavors.

Whether you want a lip balm that has a raspberry flavor, or one with a passion fruit flavor, you can get this at the EOS website, on or Their store sells genuine lip products. Their payment system is also very convenient. A buyer only has to visit their website, browse the store and pick a product which suits their lip needs. They are affordable and easy to use. Walmart product link:



SEC Bust Net’s Whistleblower $17 Million

A Labaton Sucharow client made big earnings after reporting some high profile malpractice to the Securities Exchange Commission and receiving it’s second largest award, a total of 17 million. This award was given as the client lent an anonymous tip to the SEC providing critical evidence which led to sanctions against a big shaker in the market. The whistleblower of course chose to remain anonymous and the SEC has been keeping all identifying information under lock and key.

Labaton Sucharow was the first law firm in the country to develop the practice focusing on SEC whistleblowers. The legislation that made this possible in 2010, the Dodd-Frank act made significant changes to US financial regulation since the SEC was founded in 1934. The act, allowed for significant employment protections and significant financial incentives for whistleblowers to step forward and report possible violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Under the act, the SEC is required to pay all eligible whistleblowers anywhere from 10% to 30% of all monetary sanctions collected as a result of any actions in sanctions which exceed $1 million. Eligible whistleblowers may also earn additional awards depending upon the monetary sanctions collected in any related actions, making the process of uprooting systematic corruption in the financial district, significantly more appealing. The Act also prevents any employers from taking actions against the whistleblower, allowing for greater occupational security, and most importantly, they may report anonymously if represented by an attorney.

Labaton Sucharow has been in operation for over 50 years. They have maintained a flexible approach to changes in the market and are known for being attentive to client needs. The Whistle Blower Representation Practice has been growing and Labaton Sucharow has been ahead of the game in keeping up with this relatively new field of practice. This latest step in taking out corruption and shady practice in the financial industry is only the latest in the companies exploits covering a variety of issues from safety in mining operations, to Accounting fraud. This well rounded group of experts have found no issue with this due to the variety of cases they’ve handled in the past and it’s no surprise to find that they’ve taken to the practice as a fish to water. A firm of 50+ partners and associates, this respectably sized firm has been making waves, with this latest proceeding serving as another footnote in their storied history.

Philip Diehl: New Chairman of the ICTA

The President of the United States (U.S.) Money Reserve, Philip N. Diehl, is now the chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) Mr. Diehl will be serving a two year term from 2016 to 2018. This decision was made during a Board of Directors meeting at the beginning of September 2016.

Currently, Mr. Diehl acts as a vice chair of the ICTA’s Board of Directors. Previously, Mr. Diehl acted as a Director of the U.S. Mint. Mr. Diehl has used his extensive experience to reform the ICTA. Mr. Diehl reformed a 2013 Minnesota law, which had placed restrictions on numismatic customers. Mr. Diehl personally re-designed this legislature, which was signed into law in May 2016. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Four Awards At 20th Annual Videographer Awards For Creative Work

As the chairman of the ICTA, Mr. Diehl will be able to further his efforts with the association. Mr. Diehl will work to improve ICTA’s financial situation, increase its value, and working with other similar cooperations.

The ICTA acts as a community “watchdog” for the rare money in circulation. The ICTA regulates the financial climate in all fifty states. The ICTA also communicates with agencies to help businesses with their financial problems.

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001. The U.S. Money distributes gold, silver, and platinum made products. Many people use the U.S. Mosey Reserve to increase their assets by purchasing U.S. gold and silver coins.

The U.S. Money Reserve uses a group of qualified professionals in coin research and numerology. The U.S. Money Reserve also establish strong relationships with their clients in order to achieve their mission. Their mission is to provide their clients with the highest quality metals. The U.S. Money Reserve trades gold, silver, and platinum coins, as well as gold and silver bullions, for U.S. customers and dealers. The company is based in Austin, Texas.

Free Calls Gifted by Securus

Many people in the United States are completely unaware that there is a very steep cost for any phone calls that are made to and from prison inmates and other detention center inmates. Due to these high costs, many people are forced to lose touch with their loved ones on the outside, resulting in the division of many families. In a recent article that was published to PRN Newswire’s website, the CEO of Securus Technologies, a Dallas Texas communications company, as well as a major supplier of communications and other prison supplies in the United States, decided to generously offer free phone calls in the areas that have been deeply impacted by all of the flooding.



It is clear by this decision that Securus is one of many companies that understand just how important it is for people to stick together in trying times. The company as a whole and the chief executive officer in particular are very aware and sensitive to the fact that it is important for people to be able to communicate with their loved ones in difficult times such as these. They will be offering the free phone calls for the prisoners and their families up until September 7th. It is estimated that there will be at least 250,00 free phone calls made between the inmates in their prison system networks and their families. According to a PRN Newswire article, it is estimated that the approximate value of these phone calls will reach more than $350,000. That is a huge savings to all of the families that have lost so much in the flooding.


There is still a lot to be learned about the sheer cost of prisoner communications, and the Dallas Texas based company Securus Technologies, which you can do by visiting this website: Securus Announces Free Calls to Those Incarcerated in the Louisiana State Prison System Due to Recent Floods

Laidlaw Can Cover Your Investment Needs

In the world of financial securities, bad advice can actually be a lucrative move for unscrupulous firms and financial advisors. For example, some seriously erroneous advice was given in The Globe and Mail which considers themselves the number on newpaper in Canada. This is not the standard for the paper as they do have experienced writers that do give good advise but it just goes to show how common the bad advise can be. What the example does outline is that most advise is usually no more accurate than a guess would be. Basically, the stock tips are nothing more than hunches that can’t be accurately substantiated and ends up costing unsuspecting investors that are not knowledgeable a great deal of money when they act on that advise.

For people that wish to invest it is recommended that they seek the services of a full-service brokerage and banking firm such as Laidlaw & Company. They offered investment advice that will guide individuals in the right direction.

Laidlaw is a company that has been around since 1842.It helps provide companies with capital through investing in the market. They also have a special ability to identify potential high performing healthcare companies. Their experience and highly qualified professionals can guide you every step of the way towards your success.

Learn more about Laidlaw’s leaders Matthew Eitner and James Ahern here:–company-and-its-principals-matthew-eitner-and-james-ahern-300191785.html

The New Benefits Of Medicare Advantage Plans

In America, the public has access to numerous medical insurance plans. Most of them do not provide adequate benefits and are too expensive for most Americans. In order to solve this problem, the federal government teamed up with healthcare institution and private insurance companies to come up with Medicare Advantage Plans. Through the partnership, the public can buy the plans from registered private medical companies and get their bills sorted whenever they are sick.

Medicare Advantage plans evolved from Original Medicare, a health cover that has been existence for decades. The new cover has numerous advantages as it takes care of the medical needs of the current American society. Despite the new benefits, the new cover also takes into account Part A and Part B benefits that existed in the Original Medicare. Some of the newly added benefits are dental hearing and vision care.

Although Medicare Advantage is available in many plans, there are three common plans. These plans are the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) and Private Fee for Services (PFFS). The difference between these is on the types of medical institutions that the holder can visit and the various benefits that he or she can enjoy. When one switches to Medicare Advantage plans, the costs and restrictions of one’s cover also changes.

With the plan, one is expected to pay a deductible amount whenever he or she receives medical services. The payment has been fixed at $15 per office visit and is aimed at discouraging the holders from visiting medical institutions when they are not sick.

Read more: Rick Shinto – Innovacare Services Company LLC

With this plan, one is expected to visit specific doctors and hospitals. However, the doctor or hospital can give the police holder a referral to see a specialist when necessary. Another method is to get prior authorization to access services from specialists. If the policyholder follows these two strategies, the insurance company will pay for the services offered by the specialist.

About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is a renowned provider of managed health services in North America. Its primary services are Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice. The company is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Over the years, patients have remained to be the top priority of the company. InnovaCare Health has learnt how to coordinate innovative care and quality to patients.

The managed healthcare provider has benefited greatly from its team of qualified personnel. The company’s growth is attributed to the high-quality leadership of Rick Shinto, Penelope Kokkinides and many others. Dr. Shinto is the president and CEO of the corporation. Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer of the company. Before joining InnovaCare Health, they worked for different organizations in their respective careers.

Know more:

Read more information about the company at Crunchbase.

Common Mistakes Hotels Make With Digital Branding

Base7booking, a global public relations agency that has considerable experience in working with a variety of industries, recently sat down to write an article on some of the most common mistakes that hotel chains make in trying to manage their online reputation, as well as what can be done to avoid them. Although the article is primarily concerned with hotel chains, much of this information could just as easily be used to help other firms that are interested in improving their brand’s digital marketability.

One of the biggest mistakes that hotels make, at least according to Base7booking, is assuming that simple social media metrics are enough to track their brand’s performance. While these tools are certainly useful, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. By keeping track of how the hotel’s brand is performing across many different social media channel, as well as search engines , Reputation Defender and reviews page and website comment sections, hotels can gain a better perspective on how the digital world sees them.

Once a hotel, or any company for that matter, has acquired a better understanding of their role in the digital world, the next step is to actually interact with it. Too many businesses fail online, not because of anything particularly bad that they did, but rather because of an ineffective digital presence. By engaging with potential consumers and positively responding to feedback, hotels can develop a better online reputation and encourage potential clients to think about them in the future.

Finally, the best advice that Base7booking can give a hotel, or indeed any business, is to not be afraid of technology. There are so many tools available on the Internet now that are specifically designed to help a business develop a better understanding of its online reputation. If a business truly lacks the time and resources to monitor their own online reputation, then there are also plenty of firms that have the knowledge and expertise to handle it for them. Of course, the best thing that any business can do is be proactive in their online reputation management.


Is Kabbalah for You?

From the moment we first draw breath, man begins a spiritual quest to connect with Universal Truth. That search is fulfilled by reading, studying, learning from parents and other role models as well as our society or culture. Sometimes, though, for every question answered there are two more, and for every answer given there is a need for a deeper answer. Truth is like an onion, the deeper you peel back the layers, the closer you get to the core.

Many people today are on a spiritual quest because they find that they are somehow not satisfied with the traditional answers given to them in their upbringing. There is no greater quest than understanding your role in this Universe and no greater revelation than understanding your connection to your Creator. If you find yourself in a place where your current viewpoints don’t match your teachings, perhaps you should look deeper at Kabbalah.

Kabbalah teachings are an attempt to reconcile the Infinite to the Finite by encouraging the seeker to understand his or her relationship to the Universe, to his or her Creator and to human nature in general. In looking deeper, the seeker can find his or her purpose as it relates to the Creation.

If you need direction and support and if you think that the Kabbalah might indeed be the answer you are looking for, there are resources available to assist you. The Kabbalah Centre has many tools, teachings, and resources to enrich your spiritual studies and enhance the quality of your life. Their quest is provide Kabbalistic principles to their students to incorporate into their lives, not just to improve their quality of life, but to make the entire world a better place by extension.

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit spiritual institution that welcomes your questions and your contact. A quest for Truth is never a quest wasted, so reach out to them today to be on your way to understanding your purpose and your place in God’s Creation.

Click here for more info about Kabbalah Centre.