Brad Reifler Had A Change Of Heart

It is always great when someone has a change of heart. They see they can use their knowledge and their power for something good. In the past, Brad Reifler used to be one of the guys that is talked about in Money Monster, the film starring George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and directed by Jodie Foster. The film focuses on Lee Gates (George Clooney), someone that gives out financial advice on an over the top talk show with theatrics and gimmicks. However, he is held hostage when one of his tips proves out to be wrong and someone from middle America loses a huge chunk of their money.

Again, it is important to remember that the film is fiction, but Clooney is the kind of Hollywood actor that really does care. Brad Reifler cares and that is why he is now helping Middle America with their investments. He wants them to have a bright future and a comfortable life. In his field, he is seen as someone that people can trust and rely on, as he will tell people the truth and not just want they want to hear. He is an authentic person and as genuine as they come. People can pick up on that with Brad Reifler. There is nothing phony or false about him. He really explains things to people so they understand it fully and nothing is left to chance.

As far as the film Money Monster, there were three things that stuck out to Brad Reifler as far as the world today. He discussed access to investments. Non-accredited investors don’t usually have the same access that is offered to accredited investors, which isn’t fair. Someone is putting a label on what they can and can’t handle. There are also the ugly and unfair fees. It is all about the brokers making money and it doesn’t matter what happens for the clients. Finally, there is stock market risk which again hurts non-accredited investors and what they can do. Their hands are tied. It is not a level playing field. However, with people like Brad Reifler out there, hopefully the tide will turn.

Online Reputation Management Is Key To Building Credibility

Are you searching for a proven way to monitor, repair and fix bad search results? Do you know that having a reliable online reputation management system in place, is the best way to guard against threats and maintain your good image?

Negative and malicious content can be easily shared or posted online, causing tremendous damage to someone’s reputation. The information can originate from your market competitors or a dissatisfied customer. Many a times, marketers and business owners fail to understand how poor or negative reputation management can impede their company’s sales, as sales are directly linked to the company’s reputation if you don’t fix bad reviews.

If you are dealing with online reputation issues causing your company to lose money, then The Search Fixers can help you. Fix Search Results is a reputation management service provider with a team of knowledgeable professionals. It offers internet reputation repair solutions to organizations, individuals, and companies. If someone is damaging your reputation, then you need to do something about it. There are ways to make reputation problems go away but you need to get in touch with reliable professionals.

Reputation management consultants often use a strategy, called Suppression, to help clients to push down or bury their negative content. This service can be a great way to protect your online reputation by removing stubborn negative content from the first page of search results, making it invisible to your prospective customers. While reputation management experts can always use de-indexing or deletion when possible, suppressing or pushing down negative information can be quite effective in repairing online reputation when dealing with a link that cannot be removed.

Strategies to improve your reputation online may include creating sections on your social media account for reviews. Setting up your business website is also a proven way to build credibility. You can also register multiple domains to promote your company image and attract prospects.

Take the first important step to guarding against online threats and preventing malicious attacks, by contacting The Search fixers. The Search Fixers’  have been around for many years and since its inception the company has been successful in helping numerous businesses, organizations and individuals in managing their online reputation. These reputation experts will set up a consultation to go over your situation with you, and determine how they can approach your reputation management needs. They can help you effectively build a good online image so you can operate efficiently.

YouTube’s Wengie Shows How To Dupe Sexy Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Look

Wengie loves sharing her gorgeous makeup tutorials with her 2.3 million YouTube subscribers.


Here is Wengie’s must-try Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman makeup dupe:


Begin with Shu Uemura Cushion Foundation with its excellent anti-bacterial barrier and easy application. The coverage is absolutely flawless and never over-done.


Next, apply concealer to hide dark circles, and mask brow hairs that are too arched for the Ariana Grande straight brow we will create. For that, we use two brow products: A pencil to fill and shape her bold brows with a slight arch beyond the pupils.


For further definition, we will use brow mascara brushed on against the hair growth to achieve a natural, fuller appearance at the brow’s beginning.


To get that glam smoky eye, use the UD Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette and select a matte taupe along the crease line, extending it almost up to the brow. Then with an angled brush, dip into a medium brown shade to create that outer V for a winged liner look, and fill in. Next, use a matte black shadow to create a stronger wing on the top lid and extend lightly to the bottom lid to define. Add a gold shadow to the top of the lid to add extra pop. Use a little matte highlight at the outer top brow bone.


Curl your lashes, and line the water line for added definition. Use faux lashes and apply several coats of black mascara top and bottom.


To achieve Ariana Grande’s chiseled cheekbones, use a warm contoured shade and fan brush applying just under the cheekbones. Add a cool contour shade just under the jawline and chin and forehead to sculpt the face. Blend well.


Contour along the sides and bridge of the nose to create her thin nose.


Then add matte highlighter under the eyes to create a higher cheekbone, along with a shimmery pink strobe-like highlighter for a further cheek accent.


A nude lip liner applied to fake a Cupid’s bow and full lower lip will help create Wengie mouth. Fill in with a matte nude liquid lipstick.


Now, we’re done.


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Email Leak Causes Anti-Semites and Right-Wing Israel Supporters to Attack Soros

For a long time, business magnate and philanthropist George Soros has been the target of harsh criticism and even outright hatred from those on the political Right. As Soros has a long history of supporting liberal causes like reforms of America’s drug policy, it isn’t too surprising that he isn’t very popular with the majority of right-wing figures.

A recent Raw Story article about the George Soros Wikileaks email dump shows that right-wing pundits will miss no opportunity to show their hatred of Soros. When the George Soros emails, which are related to the billionaire philanthropist’s foundation, were made available by Wikileaks, both antisemitic and pro-Israeli right-wingers went on the offensive.

Pamela Gellar, a notable supporter of Israel and right-wing commentator posted “Soros, the black hand. #evil” on Twitter, together with a link to a blog post in which she throws accusations that George Soros is working to undermine Israel.

Commentators on the Right who support Israel have claimed that some of the leaked George Soros emails talking about Soros funding groups in both Israel and Palestine that monitor human rights violations by the Israeli Army are proof that Soros is somehow trying to undermine Israel.

Claims that the famous businessman hates Israel have been circulating for quite a while now. A report published by Reason highlights an attack on Soros made in 2010 by Glenn Beck. The right-wing pundit said that during the Holocaust, a 14-year-old Soros not only helped the Nazi occupiers confiscate property belonging to Hungarian Jews, but also enjoyed doing so. According to Beck, this is supposed to provide proof that Soros must be a “self-hating Jew” who also hates Israel. Many of Beck’s critics have responded by stating that his characterization of Soros’ wartime actions is factually incorrect and distorted.

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As George Soros is of Hungarian Jewish origin, nobody will be surprised to learn that he isn’t too popular with far-right groups close to Neo-Nazi movements either. When the George Soros Wikileaks email leak was posted, known antisemitic figures wasted no time to show their contempt for the business magnate who survived the Nazi occupation of his native country during World War II.

Because George Soros often advocates for the rights of refugees, Neo-Nazis claim that there is some kind of George Soros conspiracy to flood the European continent with refugees coming from the Middle East and Africa.

Breitbart, a right-leaning online media outlet published various articles hinting that a George Soros conspiracy is actually to blame for the current migrant crisis in Europe.

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The Story Behind Doe Deere’s ‘Lime Crime’ Makeup Brand

Doe Deere has made a name for herself on Instagram. Her distinctive look, brightly colored and masterfully applied makeup has helped her to grow her brand, Lime Crime. The makeup brand has earned the Instagram star number of accolades, including a spot on Self-Made magazine’s list of Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

Doe Deere grew up an imaginative kid. She says that she’s always been exceptionally into color, as you can tell from her makeup line. Growing up, she says he always had pencils or a paintbrush in her hand, and would go out of her way to have as much color on herself at any given time as possible, be in through makeup, her clothing, or different fashion accessories.

During the party, she and her friend were trying to conjure spirits, so they had dressed in darkly colored flowing outfits which made them look in a way like witches. While the outfits were great, she says she felt like she needed to make her face match the outfits, something she achieved using some darkly-colored eyeliner and lip gloss as well as some dark pink eyeshadow. The end result was something that completed the look, and she felt like it really enhanced the experience, and it’s currently available from Lime Crime on their Amazon store.

Doe Deere says she was actually pretty bad at makeup well into her 20s. She enjoyed using it; however, and would publish tutorials online for her looks, even though some of them were not quite something she would stand behind today. The entrepreneur calls fans of her brands unicorns, something that stands close to the brand as a whole because unicorns are each unique creatures, just how makeup can be a tool in giving you your own distinctive and unique look.

While her focus is certainly on her makeup brand right now, the entrepreneur says that the line is actually only a small part of her plans for the future. What’s going to come next?   Remember Lime Crime is available online from a variety of retailers, and they have a whole host of social media for joining the fun and sharing your own makeup creations.

EuGenia Shea Works for Women’s Empowerment

Shea butter has a number of beauty benefits. This natural moisturizer can be used in place of lotion to get rid of dry patches, and is an effective treatment for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Shea butter can also be used in the hair as a conditioner and scalp treatment. The substance is also gentle enough to be used as a treatment for diaper rash, and has a low SPF, making it an effective way to shield the skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

These are just some of the reasons that EuGenia Shea is one of the best gifts to present to someone you love. The company was launched recently by Naa-Sakle Akuete, who is a former analyst for Wall Street. The backstory behind the company is inspiring, and will likely motivate consumers to continue patronizing EuGenia Shea.

EuGenia Shea is named after Akuete’s mother, who is also an entrepreneur. In fact, EuGenia is the head of the company that harvests the shea nuts for EuGenia Shea. Akuete’s company also works with all-female co-ops in the northern region of Ghana, so that women working in the area can receive above-average wages to care for their families.

EuGenia Shea also offers specific shea butters to treat certain conditions. For instance, there are some shea butters formulated to treat stretch marks, while some are designed to get rid of blemishes. EuGenia Shea butters are also available in a variety of fragrances, and gift sets can be customized. EuGenia Shea butter sets can also be sent to a loved one each month by using the subscription system.

How Avi Weisfogel Manages his Business Ventures, Charity Work and Social Media Activities

Many people owe their ability of multitasking to inherent passion. Avi Weisfogel, a prominent dental practitioner in New Jersey is among individuals who are using their passion to benefit other members of the society. Avi Weisfogel is passionate about charity and business. Besides this, he has an active social media presence. He uses social media platforms to publicize his activities.

Mr. Weisfogel’s Charity Work

The dental practitioner has been passionate about ending cleft palate among children in underprivileged nations. He supports cleft palate operations through Operation Smile. This charity organization benefits children and adolescents who have cleft palates by sponsoring corrective surgeries. Avi personally believes that all children deserve to live healthy lives without being prejudiced, maligned or denied their natural right to high quality medical care. His recently launched Go Fund Me campaign seeks to raise at least 2,000 dollars, which will benefit Operation Smile.

Avi’s Business Ventures

Mr. Weisfogel has been running a successful health facility known as Dental Sleep Masters for several years. This is a New Jersey based clinic, which seeks to treat health conditions that lead to sleep disorders. Avi led a team of experts in designing a program, which identifies viable solutions to sleep disorders. The facility has created a highly developed and efficient model, which has managed to successfully treat such disorders.

Avi’s extensive business network has been pivotal to the success of the facility.  Mr. Weisfogel himself offers advisory services to other dentists who wish to improve the quality of healthcare services offered at their facilities.

Avi’s Social Media Activities

Mr. Weisfogel is an active participant on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. He uses these platforms to talk about his work and his fundraising activities. He also has a blog where he shares his ideas about photography, technology, travel, movies and entrepreneurship. He shares insightful posts about his life to encourage his followers. Avi’s interacts with his followers on a personal basis to address whatever concerns that they might have.