Oncotargets and Therapy for Cancer

Some of Oncotarget articles on cancer focuses on strategies of pro-oncogenic cell signaling devices to address issues of human malignancies. This focus on a particular cancer cell may have identified both gene and drug therapy methods that can be used in treatment and prevention. The medical journal focuses on providing comprehensive information about the translational strategy that fights oncolytic infections. Check Oncotarget at scimagojr.com

Pro-oncogenic signals are the pathway that generates cancer in humans. The development of mutant versions of HSV-1 is a significant milestone in Oncolytic microbes research. The Ras-Smart virus is known as “ Signal Smart 1”. SS1 mutant is a different model of Oncolytic microbes that is designed to attack Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) on tissue in a particular way.

HSV-1 and SS1 viruses are designed to remove all cancer stem cells that may have tumors. The CSC is a class of cells that can repopulate tumors and support different varieties of cells which make up the histological structures of cancer. No other therapy can efficiently eliminate CSCs in the body. The use of Oncolytic microbes is the best cancer therapy to prevent repopulating tumors in humans.

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Most of the tumor antigens are known to be “self –antigens” making anti-tumor immune reactions face some inherent problems. Anti-cancer T cells prevent the formation of protective anti-cancer immunity. CD4 T cell can be used by doctors to facilitate the creation of specific reaction of antigen CD8+ cytolytic T lymphocyte (CTL).

Other approaches that can be used to restrict CSCs cells from multiplying include, generation of immunogenic DC that make inhibitory molecules such as IL-10; HSV-VP22 and carrier protein for simultaneous production of CD8 T and CD4 T cell response; utilization of “self-translatable.” The formation of specific donor customized MHC class 1 controlled anti-tumor CD8+ CTL and CD4+ “multifunctional” T cells by creating human peripheral blood obtained from T cells with an MHC class 1 prevented transgenic T cell receptor( TCR), separated from melanoma patient-derived CD8 + CTL.

Onctotarget researchers have consistently sought to produce valuable information regarding cancer treatment and biological processes. Their continued hard work provides options for patients and paves the way to the future of oncology treatments. Learn more at Research Gate.

George Soros Contribution to Democracy and Human Rights

The founder of the Open Society Foundation, George Soros has been the critical donor for his organization. Besides supporting the formation, he has contributed to the support of several groups and individuals around the globe. Mr. Soros recent donation of $1.8 billion to his foundation was reported to be the highest private transfer to a single organization globally. His philanthropic support was to enable future functionality of the group.

Open Society Foundation has its services in 120 countries across the globe. It commits to enhance human rights and democracy. For the 30 years, it has been in operation, over $30 billion was donated by Mr. Soros to support its work. Among many programs implemented by the foundation, the rights of lesbians and gays are not left out. The Open Society Foundation makes sure that these individuals get protection from police abuse.

The impact of Open Society Foundation has extensively impacted the world due to the endless support by George. His leadership has seen support for other organizations and individuals. The group focuses operations on ensuring equality, upholding justice, government accountability and freedom of communication.

In 2004, Mr. Soros made sure the foundation supported Roma art and culture treatment centers during the Ebola epidemic. His organization also managed to pay school fees for less privileged and promising students. The entrepreneur was in the forefront to end the United States election crisis in 2016 during the hate incidents. He donated $10 million towards the peace-preaching to end violence experienced in the period, learn more about George Soros.

George Soros support for Democrats was also witnessed during the Clinton and Trump campaigns for the presidency. He gave millions to super PACs to the downfall of Mr. Trump. He even gambled the defeat of Trump through a bet worth $1 billion.

Several leaders in the civil society have partnered with the Open Society Foundation. Its programs are geared towards the benefits of humanity that are felt extensively and intensely in the world. Some of its associates are the Roma in the Eastern Europe and Africa Americans in Cleveland, and http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/.


About George Soros

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. In 1947, he joined London School of Economics where he was able to study at the philosopher Karl Popper fleet. He attained degree in philosophy in 1951 and a masters of the same in 1954 from London School of Economics.

George Soros is among the world’s successful investors. Having worked in several jobs, Soros managed to grow his career. Before starting his entrepreneurship, he worked in England at Merchant bank. The investor launched his first hedge fund, known as Double Eagle in 1969. The returns from this first venture contributed to the establishment of Soros Fund Management in 1970. The Double Eagle later transformed to the Quantum Fund which doubled assets to $25 million by 2011.

Mr. Soros is a supporter of the American liberal and progressive sources. He uses his foundation, Open Society to distribute donations. The philanthropist donated over $11 billion between 1979 to 2011. His support to poverty reduction, transparency enhancement, and scholarships around the word recorded to $ 12 billion, and read full article.

Try The New, Flavorful Crystal Lip Balm From EOS

An essential item to carry in your purse is lip balm. Not only does it add luscious shine to your lips, it also helps keep them healthy and moisturized. Made with the vegan-friendly ingredients of avocado, shea butter, coconut, sunflower oils, and castor, Crystal Lip Balm from Eos lives up to the brand’s mission to create flavorful, health products. Costing an affordable $5, it is also waxless, and come in unique new packaging. You may buy it here on amazon.com. Eos is famous for its spherical container but has decided to step outside of the box this time. Available in sleek, pyramid packaging, Crystal Lip Balm by Eos is a must have. The clear-colored, hydrating lip balm is hypoallergenic and tastes wonderful. Scented Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid are the two flavors available when purchasing Eos Crystal Lip Balm.

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Eos started with a desire to modernize the selections of lip balm. Brands such as Chapstick dominated the lip balm industry in the 20th century but did not evolve much or consider the preferences of its female loyalists. Women have made complaints of lack of flavor and the packaging being easily lost in purses. Eos decided to do something about it and is now a major contender against the long-established brands. Cofounded by Sanjiv Mehra, Craig Dubitsky, and Jonathan Teller; they wanted to give the public what they craved.

The trio used their own money for startup capital and created a feminine lip balm brand in a world of unisex lip balm offerings, read more here. The rounded, signature shape of the packaging was distinctive; Beauty bloggers praised Eos, and the celebrity endorsements followed. Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus used Eos in videos; Taylor Swift became an Asian ambassador. A social media fave, followers of the brand are loyal, vigilant, and celebrate the Eso brand by liking and sharing with their own followers.

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Jason Hope: The Intricacy IoT

The future is exciting and sometimes a little scary. There are new products and technologies sprouting up everywhere that you look. While some are intriguing, a lot of them come with a bit of a learning curve. Consumers don’t really understand the importance of the technology behind the products they are investing in, they simply want the next best thing. Businessman, futurist, and philanthropist Jason Hope can now add the title author to his long list of achievements with his new e-book detailing one of these technologies, the Internet-of-Things, or IoT. The new e-book, entitled “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era”, is set to propel Hope to the top of a yet another new industry.

The e-book is Hope’s attempt to educate the public about the IoT network that feeds their electronic devices. He explains that IoT allows devices to communicate with one another and share information via the internet. They can do this quickly and effectively, while also interacting with their human users. This IoT network poses several new opportunities for the future of technology. As the technology grows, it will also become even more human-centric than it is now. Automation will become more widespread as technology becomes more remote. Hope foresees a huge growth in this technology sector and he wants to prepare his readers for that eventuality.

One should not discount the value associated with this new reading material from Jason Hope. The IoT is set to explode in the coming years with over 30 billion objects and a projected global market value of 7.1 trillion dollars. While it might be easy to think that you can catch up with the latest technology, Hope is trying to get his readers ahead of it, for once.

Hope is a valuable resource when it comes to all things tech. He is a graduate of the W.P. Carey School of Business with an MBA and a degree in Economics. He not only started his own tech company, but it has flourished under leadership. He is an active philanthropist and invests large amounts of money into his community. In addition to his business success, Hope has also established himself as a skilled futurist. He can make accurate predictions about the technology market, and he uses those predictions to advance his portfolio of companies. Clearly, Hope is an expert in his field and he is screaming that the future is IoT. Purchase his e-book today at Amazon.com.

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Professional, Glen Wakeman Lends Advice To Start-Up Businesses

There are many small business getting their foot in the door for the first time and could benefit greatly from professional advice. It is important for your start-up to be successful, generate cash flow,or a strong audience within a few weeks of starting. Your business will depend on sustainability in an unstable financial market and ones driven behind misinformation says, Glen Wakeman. As a former CEO, he understands the importance of knowing what it takes to compete in a competitive business industry. Wakeman has expertise in the economics and finances with a degree from the University of Chicago. View Glen Wakeman’s profile linkedin.com.

Glen Wakeman teaches his clients how to create a business plan which is the key to success. He helps you determine if, it’s something you would like to make a profession and how to extend your portfolio. More importantly, he teaches you how to start with your own money to avoid huge debt. Starting your business is a great way to start your business off debt free. He also admits it is important to take care of yourself against liabilities that will come by other corporations or consumers. Wakeman teaches you how to insure your business and remain operational in a competitive business network with many services and products.

Who Is Glen Wakeman

Highly successfully business professional, Glen Wakeman is first and far most a business professional. He is also an investor and financial mentor for many successful small businesses currently in existence. He is also a strong believer in giving back to the communities they serve. For example he donated $5,000 to the successful relief efforts of the recent victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. He was one of the first to advice other businesses to follow in his footsteps and take the self initiative to give back to many ravished communities. He was able to raised over $24,000+ dollars in additional funding.

Visit: http://www.glenwakeman.com/

You’re invited to visit the exclusive Glen Wakeman LinkedIn account to learn more about his professional accomplishments and where to get business advice about your start-up. Glen Wakeman wants you to know you don’t have to start a new business on your own because his financial services advice is there to help. Bring your failing small business back with his financial advice as well as making a success out of your current business endeavors with advice from financial expert, Glen Wakeman. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

Jorge Moll Helps Explain How Giving Is Beneficial To Your Health

As Christmas approaches, the holiday season is in full swing. Research has shown that there are many positive benefits to giving. Giving can help people live happier and healthier lives. Regardless of whether you are giving gifts, donating to a charity, or volunteering, here are a few ways that being selfless can have a positive impact on your life.

Better Overall Health

Giving to others has been shown to help people who are dealing with serious illnesses, such as HIV. Volunteering can help increase a person’s life expectancy. This is especially true for elderly people. Giving has been shown to reduce stress. A study conducted by Johns Hopkins University found that people who help others have a lower blood pressure than people who don’t. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

General Happiness

Research has shown that giving money to others can increase someone’s happiness more than them spending money on themselves. According to Jorge Moll and the National Institutes of Health, there is a link between people giving money to charity and their brain. People begin to experience more pleasure and have a general glow. Giving can also release endorphins in the brain.

Feeling Grateful

Jorge Moll says that research has shown that giving causes people to feel gratitude. Gratitude can create important social bonds. Being grateful can boost self esteem levels. Moll says that finding something to be grateful for everyday is one way that people can increase their overall happiness.

Setting Yourself Up For The Future

When people give, they are more likely to receive something in the future. Giving allows people to develop a sense of trust that strengthens bonds. Developing a positive attitude allows people to control their mental and physical health. Giving brings people closer together, and Moll believes that will lead to more interdependence within the community. Watch this video on youtube.com.

Influencing Others

The giving attitude can spread through a community. When someone watches another person being kind, it can inspire them, regardless of whether they know the person or not. Moll says that giving can release oxytocin, which creates of feelings of warmth. People will start to feel more empathy towards others.

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Review of the New EOS, Vegan Flavors

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, came into the lip balm market about seven years ago. When these lip balms hit the shelves of local drugstore and supermarkets, people could not get enough! Beauty and fashion magazines raved about the colorful packaging and tasty flavors. When celebrities were spotted on social media using them, the world went crazy for them!

According to usmagazine.com, the concept of the egg-shaped package was a way to get customers to use all five of their sense while using the lip balms. EOS also wanted to make a product that would be priced perfectly for any budget. When the lip balms were first released, they were priced at $3 in order to compete with others in the lip balm market.  Once EOS discovered just how popular they had become, they started to focus more on making a connection with their customers. Hurry and buy here at amazon.com!

Part of the connection that EOS has made is by using all-natural and organic ingredients, never testing on animals, and now releasing a completely vegan line of products. There are two vegan crystal flavors: Hibiscus Peach and vanilla Orchid. These products are made with jojoba oil and vitamin E. By avoiding the use of beeswax, EOS has now opened their market to vegans who could not buy their lip balms before.

After trying the new vegan flavors, the results are in! Both flavors of EOS lip balm make the lips feel incredibly soft and smooth without the use of petrolatum, read more. EOS will plan on making new vegan flavors, but so far these two have been a huge hit with their users.

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Get The Rich Glow Of EOS Lip Balm

How serious is beauty to you? Do you want all-natural products and most retailers push the traditional brands with all the hard to read ingredients? The EOS brand gives their customers the opportunity to indulge in a unique brand with essential oil and vitamins says usmagazine.com. You can give the soft skin on your lips therapy with completely organic ingredients. Hydrate your skin with one of the too brands in the industry for under $5, purchase here on amazon.com. That’s right; EOS products are priced for all budgets, but you may have seen your favorite celebrity wearing it or pulling it from their designer bag or camera.

Their containers are cute and designed to be easy to find at the bottom of your cluttered purse. Believe it or not, they design their lip balm containers with their customers in mind, click here. For example, their new Crystal line comes in a see through container which is a must have when you’re looking for protection and cute. Don’t miss a great opportunity to find other organic products from their grandfather brand Evolution of Smooth. You can find descriptive products like body butter, lotion, and shaving cream. Join the exclusive EOS lip balm family and find the unique flavor and scent to help accent and protect your lips.

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Why Highland Capital Management Expect The Healthcare Industry To Outperform Over The Next Year

Highland Capital Management, L.P., is a global financial services company that has helped many people and institutions diversify their investments and achieve financial success. The types of assets they allow people to invest in are diverse and range from a focus on the healthcare industry to emerging markets to distressed and special situations. They also have deep experience in real estate, high yield credit, other structured products, and long/short equity. Visit hcp.com to know more.

Highland Capital Management, based in Dallas, Texas, has achieved many awards over the years including the top executives working for it. Among these are their winning the Credit Flux Manager Awards of the year for 2015, the 2011 Rising Star of Mutual Funds as handed out by Institutional Investor, and the Alt Credit Intelligence US Performance Award of 2016 from Credit Intelligence among many others.

View: https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2017/05/31/highland-capitals-nexpoint-fund-raises-269-million.html

It was in 1993 that Highland Capital Management was founded. The entities that founded it were an insurance firm alongside Mark Okada and James Dondero, two individual with deep experience in the financial market. Several years later Dondero and Okada bought out the insurance company’s interest and now wholly own this vast privately held company. The early success that propelled Highland Capital Management was CLOs (Collateralized Loan Obligations) which this company was a pioneer in.

In a recent interview on CNBC, Mark Okada said that the global economy looks like a Goldilocks situation as he can see. This means that it all feels just right instead of too cold or too hot. His company is presently focused on the healthcare industry as a sector that will increase in value as opposed to other industries. This is in no small part due to healthcare companies coming up with new pain relievers that will replace the current opioids, much of which are being heavily abused. As new pain relievers come on the market he and others at Highland Capital Management expect profits to rise at many healthcare industry companies. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

Stream Energy Plans to Empower Women With Innovative Approach

Stream Energy is a direct selling organization that provides connected life and energy services across the nation. Stream just had its 4th yearly Women of Power Retreat. The retreat, held in Dallas, TX (the company’s head office), was started back in 2010. It is meant to offer motivation and connection to mentors for female associates of the company while they seek to be more successful in their company and start their own businesses.

Each year has a special theme, mixing it up and offering unique value. This year’s theme is “Shine.” According to a representative of the company, “Shine” is all about allowing women to focus on the power of confidence and being their true selves. They hope this will inspire the associates and other women they come in contact with to become true women of power by focusing on the talents that set them apart.


Well-known speakers are a cornerstone of these events. Nicole Lapin, a famous news personality, and best selling author were there this year. In addition, business expert Karen Leland and corporate wellness expert Melissa Mark Garner offered their insights.


These retreats center around building up confidence for women and teaching them valuable skills while connecting with like-minded mentors. For instance, courses like “How to Be Your Own Boss” are among the most popular events. Other titles focus on personal branding, digital marketing, direct selling, and even mindfulness exercises for a well-rounded approach to success. The end goal is to have women walking away with a renewed energy and confidence to become true women of power.


About Stream Energy


Stream is a direct selling company that offers integrated life services. These services vary from energy, protection, wireless, and home services. They specialize in relieving the stress of staying in touch with loved ones for busy people. The company was founded in 2005 in Dallas. They have revolutionized the energy market offering innovative ways to offer value to consumers in their 12 years.


Since their inception, Stream Energy has grown quickly to become the dominant company in their market with $8 billion in revenue and counting. The tireless work ethic of the company has spurred growth beyond Texas into other states: Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Georgia, and Illinois.